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Looking to the Sky for Guidance

by Debra Schneck

What is the purpose of this difficult time in my life? Searching for spiritual guidance, we might turn to the sky, to astrology. By providing us with a blueprint of our attachments, problems, talents and mental tendencies, astrology offers a way to understand ourselves. It can help us work with our lessons inwardly and outwardly, and point us beyond circumstance and toward greater perspective as it elicits an awakening to personal needs, potentials and purpose.

Such is the mission of Stephen Arroyo in his book, Astrology, Karma & Transformation (CRCS Publications). His essential message is that the most difficult challenge is to realize individual meaning, not astrological stereotypes, and to refocus our attention on the essential process occurring rather than on superficial changes.

For example, we may have certain personal planets that are challenging one another.It may be interesting, perhaps affirming, to interpret this as a bit of trouble with love
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affairs or relationships. The important thing, though, is to know what that experience signifies in the larger scheme of our conscious growth, what it has to teach us, and what its purpose is.

Everything in our chart can be traced to past actions, achievements and desires--our karma. In the context of discussing reincarnation, karma, and the individual's potential for spiritual growth, Arroyo quotes Edgar Cayce "For as given from the beginning, the planets, the stars are given for signs and for seasons and for years, that many may indeed find their closer relationship in the contemplation of the universe. For man has been made co-creator with the Godhead. Not that man is good or bad according to the position of the stars, but the position of the stars indicate what the individual entity has done about God's plan in earth activities, during periods when man has been given the opportunity to enter into material manifestation." [#5124-L-1] Thus, stressful or challenging aspects in a chart can be interpreted to reveal unfinished business and incomplete cycles of realization rather than weights tied to the soul to hinder its expression for no reason or purpose.

Effort and will are key in the way we meet our karma in daily life. As Arroyo notes, "The more one is consciously in touch with one's inner life, the more astrology offers... not sensational surprises or a way of manipulating fate... but rather a way of clarifying the stages of self-development which we can use as an opportunity for personal transformation." (Digest by Debra Schneck.)


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