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Breakthrough Intuition
(Berkeley Publishing)

Book Digest
by Atlantic University graduate VerDella Denwiddie,

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If you have ever had hunches or flashes of insight or found yourself guided by your own "good judgement," even once-then you're intuitive.  If you find yourself at the right place at the right time, or your "guesses" are sometimes uncannily accurate, it isn't pure coincidence or "luck," you're intuitive.  If you feel the impulse to do something that is contrary to your sense of reason or feel the presence of higher powers guiding your life, you are probably witnessing the blossoming of inner wisdom, your inborn intuitive self.  Moreover, if you've ever acted on these or other inner stirrings about some aspect of your life, then you're both intuitive and smart.  You're already using that Spirit-guided force we know as intuition, according to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Breakthrough Intuition. 

Intuition is everybody's birthright.  However, this inalienable right can lie dormant for years, until it is stimulated, paid attention to, or given input.  Once it is awakened, intuition can help you solve problems, make decisions, find your mission in life, develop self-esteem and achieve goals.  It can make you more creative and give you insight into health, relationship and career issues.  In effect, by your awareness and usage of your intuition you will have greater self-assurance and inner peace, knowing that all you need for an abundant, healthful and joyful life lies at the tips of whatever senses your body/mind uses to communicate its inner wisdom.

"But," you may say, "that sounds like delving into the psychic arena to me.  I don't think I want to get into that psychic stuff."  The author would not really disagree; psychic development comprises a considerable part of the intuitive level of consciousness.  Intuition provides a holistic manner of perceiving our environment and living our lives.  Certainly, psychic awareness is a tool that works through but not from the senses, or through external input to allow us to gain information about ourselves and our environment.  Intuition is the quickening, psychic awareness the fine-tuner.  Spiritual or mystical experience and guidance bathe both; in turn, both enhance our development and experience in the mystical realms. 

When we meditate, pray or use music or ritual to awaken the spiritual centers or chakras within the body, our kundalini energy rises.  When this energy bathes the third eye and balances the other centers, our intuition increases.  When we use our intuition to live a more holistic life, we, in fact, increase our spiritual growth and outlook.  Intuition and the psychic and are the warp and the woof of the fabric of our spiritual development, the dance of interwoven equals.  Perhaps you can find it easier to trust in the psychic realm when you are the diviner seeking information for your highest good with no need to exchange goods for services rendered.  You may find it easier still as the accuracy of psychic hits far outdistances any chance occurrence.

The author provides twenty-two keys (the number some ascribe to the presence of angels) we may use to develop our intuition.  These range from breath-work, meditation and chakra energizing, through manifesting and becoming balls of light, to reinforcing intuitive skills with a number of intriguing games and exercises.    Remote viewing, dream incubation and the chance to "see" the news headlines before they go to print are just some of the opportunities for practicing this new ability. 
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Here is an unusual and intriguing practice.  In pairs or a small group, prepare for this exercise with a breathing exercise and period of quiet.  The author recommends one she calls the intuitive breath.  As you breathe in through your nostrils and out through your nostrils or mouth, focus on these: 1.  Take a breath and slow down.  Rein in distractions and quiet the mind. 2.  Take a second breath and center; be fully present in the moment.  3.  Take a third breath.  Release and expand; know that the higher self is now in charge.  Spend a moment in quiet with normal breathing.  A pre-selected partner or person within the group (about whom you or the group know little) then begins to speak, giving a one minute introduction about him or herself.

He or she might state a name, address and age, perhaps, or occupation or place of birth.  The less information supplied the better, but always include the name as it conveys subtle information about the bearer.   You will want several sentences stated in a normal tone of voice.   You may want to listen with eyes closed for better attunement.  When the speaker is finished, share your intuitive impressions of whatever arose for you while listening.  These may be directly about the person speaking.  They may be about sensations you felt while listening or emotions or stories from long ago that bubbled up unexpectedly; whatever came to you during the speaking timeframe or directly afterwards. 

Allow the speaker to provide feedback on your impressions of him or her and the meaning of your sensations, altered mood or personal stories.  If the speaker spoke to a small group, he or she must not provide feedback on the shared impressions until every participant in the group has provided their impressions.  For a more advanced practice, have the speaker state only his or her name.  Then provide impressions, as with the first practice and obtain feedback on the impressions.  Are you surprised at the accuracy even on this shortened version? 

Another exercise is a version of psychometry, the ability to "read" someone by holding an object, which belongs to the person being "read", or the written signature of the person.  Try it first with an object that you can see.  Try an advance version of this exercise by hiding the object in an envelope.  There are additional exercises that may bring one closer to giving self-guidance.  These include using pendulums to obtain "yes" or "no" answers to questions, reading taro cards and incubating dreams.  In your quest to enhance your intuition, don't leave out pray, meditation and affirmations. 

To pray is to ask for guidance, to meditate is to attune with the infinite and listen for the response.  Know that at the level of spirit, which intuition reaches, we are part of the infinite power from which we seek results.  By combining affirmations with meditation, we help to create the reality we sought through prayer.  The author includes 22 master affirmations that may be used, modified or augmented to help us manifest our greatest visions.  We start with intuitive breathing, state a clear, positive affirmation such as "I am lovable and loving" or "I am enjoying health and energy." 

We build a vivid image around the affirmation, seeing ourselves clearly in the picture and activating all of our senses to make the picture real.  We hold the image as long as we can, release it and give thanks for its having it in our lives now.  If doubt arises, we should examine the root cause of the doubt and correct it, perhaps changing the affirmation to address and dissolve the doubt.  We should keep a record of our progress with affirmations and results.  Expect success.

Recognize as you apply the many exercises offered that you can tap into your own inner resources to gain knowledge about issues that you may not necessary agree with on a conscious level.  If something comes up that makes you feel uneasy, you may increase your comfort level through prayer and meditation, holding to purposes and intents that move you toward spiritual awakening and your highest ideals, and a sense of universal love.  Use affirmations to change negative thoughts or characteristics to positive ones.  According to the author's guides

"Everyone is equal.  No one is less miraculous than the other person.  That would mean God was picking favorites and it is impossible for God to pick a favorite.  We are links on a chain-no link above, no link below... Our choices create what we do and why.  If you find yourself feeling less than whole, then choose again.  Everything is a learning experience... Fear promises all day long what might happen if you do this or that.  But it is an empty promise.  Choose love instead."

Intuition leads the way to the love of the infinite.  With it as your pathfinder, success on your path is inevitable.

This book is available from Click here for details!

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