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Intuition: Its Powers and Perils
(Yale University Press)

Professor of Psychology, Hope College. Holland, Michigan

Intuition: Its powers and perils is a new book that is an easy, entertaining, and informative read on both the positive and negative aspects of intuition. The author reviews but rejects evidence for a psychic component of intuition; nevertheless he has many stories and accounts of research experiments that will be of interest to our readers. The section of his website devoted to this book contains chapter extracts as well as many links to other sites of interest for each chapter.
A quote:
     Has anyone ever told you that "you are amazing"? Well, you are. You process vast amounts of information off screen. You effortlessly delegate most of your thinking and decision making to the masses of cognitive workers busily at work in your mind's basement. Only the really important mental tasks reach the executive desk, where your conscious mind works. When you are asked, "What are you thinking?" your mental CEO answers, speaking of worries, hopes, plans, and questions, mindless of all the lower-floor laborers.       This big idea of contemporary psychological science---that most of our everyday thinking, feeling, and acting operate outside conscious awareness---"is a difficult one for people to accept," report John Bargh and Tanya Chartrand, psychologists at New York University. Our consciousness is biased to think that its own intentions and deliberate choices rule our lives (understandably, since tip-of-the-iceberg consciousness is mostly aware of its visible self). But consciousness overrates its own control....

Intuition: Its Powers and Perils (Yale U. Press, September 2002)

"How reliable is our intuition? How much should we depend on gut-level instinct rather than rational analysis when we play the stock market, choose a mate, hire an employee, or assess our own abilities? In this engaging and accessible book, David G. Myers shows us that while intuition can provide us with useful---and often amazing---insights, it can also dangerously mislead us."     ~Yale University Press

"...a rich emerging field of scientific inquiry brilliantly summarized." ~Scientific American (Michael Shermer)
Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

"Intuition is a one-of-a-kind book by one of the best writers in psychology. Exceptionally reasonable, totally up-to-date, and responsible, the book has the potential to be a classic in the field. I couldn't put it down." ~Robert J. Sternberg, American Psychological Association president-elect.
"Intuition is hot. But often it is perilously wrong. David Myers marshals classic and contemporary cognitive science and masterfully shows us why." ~Elizabeth Loftus, past president, American Psychological Society
"This is a great book. It made me more aware of both the awesome capacities of the human mind and the caveats for analytical thinking." ~Don Clifton, chairman, Gallup International Research and Education Center
"...delightfully readable and deliberately provocative..." ~Publishers Weekly
"...an extraordinary book...highly entertaining." ~Human Nature Review (Markus Kemmelmeier)

Essays adapted from Intuition: Its Powers and Perils:

Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION (read it all)


1.  Thinking Without Awareness
2.  Social Intuition
3.  Intuitive Expertise and Creativity


4.  Intuitions About Our Past and Future
5.  Intuitions About Our Competence and Virtue
6.  Intuitions About Reality


7.  Sports Intuition
8.  Investment Intuition
9.  Clinical Intuition
10. Interviewer Intuition
11. Risk Intuition
12. Gamblers' Intuition
13. Psychic Intuition

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