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Next time you're out driving take a look around, at the businesses, the shops, the homes, transport, signs, and people, and wonder "How else could this have looked?"

If we peer into the road ahead, it becomes pretty clear we'll be driving our businesses and lives without precedent much of the time. We'll rely less on past history to prepare a view for the future. The kind of thinking that drives the next century will be radically different than the last one. Those who thrive will be masters of the unprecedented. Competency in intuition and vision will be required personal equipment.

Arupa Tesolin

The New Common Sense

Intuition is intelligence and knowing that occurs outside the thinking process. It is an effortless insight that arises and makes sense and it's surprise!, non linear, much like the evolving scientific view of time and events. It also links into "common sense" which remains curiously untaught in the intellectual preferences of the current education and training environment.

Common sense is what drove our ancestors to survive the ruggedness and weather conditions of establishing what North America is today. Yet this was a visceral common sense, relating more to physical survival in a hostile changing environment. The current environment is much more a mental one, multiple priorities and urgencies competing for our "attention". However "attention" in its' purest sense is what most of us now do poorly. That will change. What the "new common sense" of intuition will look like will be more aligned with visionary adeptness, clarifying sense out of information garbage, the ability to out-think our intellectual intelligence and out-smart our brain stem. No longer victims of our intellect, through intuition we'll open doors to creative brilliance.

Through intuition we can "unthink" the paradigm of work, work as effort. There are easier ways. The escalating costs of occupational stress from 3 billion to 12 billion/year in just a few years in Canada alone are unbearable. And these are just economic costs, perhaps the easiest to bear because the human costs on lives and on families, are much higher. Frankly these costs are not required to sustain quality of life. We could do much better than this with a change in strategy.

We're Smarter Than We Think

We can't create our future in the same way as we arrived here. We're creating a generation of knowledge and communication workers and we're still trying to impose on them a "factory" mentality that was designed to produce widgets in an industrial age rather than results in our time. To produce results you need insight and vision and you need to have inspired people. It is the inspired person who will go the extra step, see the higher potential, build a better client relationship. But that's the tricky part. They have to be inspired from the inside. You can't impose this on anyone and no contemporary management theory will build it.

We need to get back to basics. We've been investing in a way that seemingly benefits economic performance. Its probably wrong. Organizations are leaner and meaner and key personnel are more stressed than ever. How many of today's organizations can truly say they are an energized creative force?

Future prosperity models will show there is a direct linkage among human performance, balance, contribution to society and profits. The reason we didn't see it before is because we weren't looking for it. We were all driving the economic machine.

All invention and breakthrough stems first from ideas. Whole ideas are born from whole people. To date we've invested little on cultivating intuition, vision, and conceptual intelligence. But the potential leverage on such investment is an increase in both human and corporate profit.

Back to intuition. It does restore personal power and vision. But the inevitable question arises. What about the downside? Of course there's a downside. Some talented people might leave to explore their own visions. But others will come, because they're attracted to your vision. There's a catch here too. Your corporate vision had better be compelling enough to invite them in.

Personal commitment will be the creator and sustainer of your organization's success in the future. This commitment will come in all different shapes and sizes. The good news is there is room for all kinds. Individuals must be willing and able to state their commitment to an organization without fear of judgement, and the organization must have an intention to find the right fit.

Here are questions I'm always asked.

"You mean you can actually "train" the intuition?" "Yes." "Well why didn't we do this before?" "Because we didn't think it was possible. We were too smart to think about things like that." "Wow, so how do we do it." "That's another story." Yes. Its going to be a wild ride. But the first decision we better make is whether we're going to hold the reins.

®Arupa Tesolin 1998

* Arupa Tesolin is the creator of "Intuita MindWare" an intuitive learning program that teaches how to access intuition on demand, "Intuita for business" corporate training program and a new double CD release "The Visionary Mind." She has been a recent guest on "U*S*A*M" on the Business News Network,"Night Side" CJAD Radio in Montreal,"Talk 1515" in Springfield, Missouri and other radio shows. Arupa is a Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Coach in the subject of intuition. To book or order product contact Arupa at (905)271-7272
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