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Unlocking the Dynamics of Soul Attraction

Digested by Lorrie Kazan

To order this book from Amazon.com, click here!

To order this book from Amazon.com, click here!

The common belief is that soul mates come together in an easy, effortless and totally romantic way.  “I’m looking for my other half,” you might hear people say, “My twin soul.”

Indeed, the concept of soul connection is embedded in our culture and this is evident when we look at fairytales and myths, which depict a search for wholeness; this archetype is illustrated by the prince seeking Cinderella or waking the sleeping princess/beauty, the archetypal feminine.  These stories may be traced back 5,000 years to the legend of the Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris.

These male and female deities were brother and sister and husband and wife.  Emerging from the womb as twins, they became beloved companions who could not be separated, even by death.  When Osiris’ jealous brother, Set, kidnaps and kills him, Isis, his sister, lover, wife, is able to merge with the soul of her husband and conceive a god-child, Horus. 

Infuriated by this, Set has his brother’s body cut into 14 pieces.  In mourning, Isis journeys through the country “gathering pieces of her husband together and reassembling them until he eventually comes back to life.”  The Egyptians named her the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and Osiris the god of the dead.  Their son, Horus, became known as the god of the sun and sky.

Imagine the power of this love and commitment.  Many people long for a sense of soul connection, unity with others, purpose and direction.  We seek psychic information about where our right mate, our “soul” mate might be.  Surely, we believe, we’ll recognize that person when we meet.  The meeting should have such resonance that no doubt will remain. 

When asked about finding the right marriage partner, Cayce often replied as he did to this woman.  “…We might find twenty-five or thirty such, if you choose to make it so!  It is what you make it!”

Cayce believed we had a number of soul mates, i.e., people with whom we had incarnated before and with whom we could create a positive relationship. He discussed the characteristics by which we could identify those people.  They were people who would assist us in our soul development.

He told us to look for the person who helped us be a better person.  He often referred to a spouse as a “help meet,” in reference to  “help mate.”  He said we would be drawn to souls we had known before and in order to complete unfinished business, we would pick up where we left off.

Cayce consistently encouraged us to look at our values, set an ideal for ourselves, and have a sense of life’s direction.  In some readings he discouraged clients from marrying a particular person.  “It would be best never to marry him—thy ideals will be destroyed.”  This response was based on his knowledge of their most recent past lives and the issues that were left unresolved between them.

Throughout his book, Mr. Todeschi reminds us that for Cayce, “the purpose of all relationships is spiritual development.”  He cautions us to honestly interpret our relationships on this basis:  “Does it challenge and stretch me?  Does it encourage me to become a more balanced, giving person?  Does this relationship bring out the very best within me?”

These questions may be applied to all our relationships, whether they be romantic or not.  Souls often reincarnate in groups, and often to accomplish a particular purpose.  “…even work relationships in which individuals are brought together to achieve some greater goal.”

Though soul mates may even appear to be the source of obstacles in one’s life, they are in fact people with whom we can work through our challenges.  Relationships bring out what’s hidden, the best and the worst, in order that we may encounter and transcend our issues.

If you find there are particular traits in others you don’t like, you may recall Cayce’s admonition, “Self always meets self.”  Or as contemporary speaker and writer, Alan Cohen says, “If you spot it you’ve got it.”  These may be traits about which we are in denial or which we manifested in a previous life.

How do we maintain a healthy, loving relationship?  Cayce advised one couple “to always show their love for the other and to keep foremost in their minds their joint companionship…. Their home was to be their first and most important work.”

In all relationships Cayce stressed the need for cooperation, love and tolerance.  He believed we were eventually destined to become soul mates with all people, as we were all one in God.  Our free will allows us to choose whether we will learn our lessons now or wait for them to come around again.  Unlearned lessons will continue to resurface until completed and this is because the soul has an innate desire to become whole and reunited with its creator.

Mr. Todeschi cites cases in which Cayce revealed the past life issues that were currently being faced by present day clients.  For example, “It was because of her Roman lifetime that Wendy was now experiencing bone cancer.  Apparently, during the time of Nero, she had enjoyed watching the physical combat and persecutions of the Christians in the arena.  In order to experience firsthand the physical suffering and pain of a situation she once made fun of, at a soul level Wendy had chosen the hip condition.  When she asked why she had waited nearly 2,000 years to meet this condition, Cayce told her that it was ‘because she couldn’t do it before! The necessary elements to bring the situation together had only happened in this lifetime.’

The readings tell us that each soul chooses its parents by first looking to see where it can best learn the lessons that will allow it to experience its true purpose.  As human beings, complete with free will and forgetting, we are allowed conscious choice about what we will do in this life.  The lessons left unlearned will be taken on in a future incarnation.

Whether we are adopted into a family, or born naturally into it, the soul has chosen this group of people for its incarnation.  Cayce said nothing happened ‘by chance.  Friendships are only the renewing of former purposes, ideals.’

‘God is love!’ affirmed Cayce, and love is therefore what we are and what motivates each soul.  If you wish to experience more love, be more loving.  ‘For, love—as friendship—grows by being showered upon others…’

Mr. Todeschi tells us that “From the Cayce files it becomes clear that all of our important relationships in the present had their foundation in the past.  As far as the soul is concerned, apparently we do not meet anyone of importance for the very first time.”

We may even come together with a group of souls in order to create negative energy such as racial strife or dissension.  Ultimately each of those souls will need to transcend that negativity and the appropriate life lessons will arise.

In one reading Cayce advised a woman that her present situation “was in order to enable her to make a conscious decision to have a relationship with her daughter, a situation about which Cayce replied, ‘You can…Will you?’”

For all of us, our ultimate purpose for being on earth is to manifest love.  Cayce advised us to meet all situations with unconditional love.  ‘Minimize the faults, magnify the virtues!  …So live, so act one toward the other, as to make this experience—here and now—worthwhile!’

Cayce’s Recommendations for Creating Soul Mate Relationships

1) Learn to love and understand yourself;

2) Establish a spiritual ideal that can serve as a directional beacon;

3) Begin to work on and apply the best that you know to do;

4) And expect things to change so that they can.

Ultimately we heal our relationships with others by becoming whole within ourselves.

To order this book from Amazon.com, click here!

To order this book from Amazon.com, click here!

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