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Developing the Habit of Intuition by Arupa Tesolin

Developing the Habit of Intuition

Beyond emotional intelligence lies the ability of intuitive intelligence closely aligned with common sense (of which we seem to have a collective deficit). While the E.I. involves a wide realm of people skills, communication and creativity, the latter involves the deeper levels of self knowledge that are discerned by individual hearts and souls.

Intuition involves the "deep listening" to the Higher Self, irrespective of reality and social/cultural conditioning. Through intuition we learn what is right by us, how to live with integrity, express our truest selves and honor the soul. The fulfillment and freedom of life offered to those who "go deep" is beyond measure.

Geniuses, shamans, mystics, and visionaries throughout the ages have been able to access "non-ordinary" states of consciousness for direction, power,and wisdom. These activities were connected with reverence for life, healing and continuity, achieving extraordinary skills and feats, quantum leaps of thought, invention, breakthrough ideas, and bursts of creative power.

As our lives become more filled with information the value of how it is used and for what purpose becomes more important than the information itself. By comparison, information gets cheaper and has shorter and shorter life cycles. The meaning in all this is that Self-Knowledge becomes all the more valuable - the new gold standard.

We need new explanations of the new mind skills required for our current age. In the last century we became accustomed to using our "logic" habits more than our "intuitive habits". The 21st century mind needs to operate on all multi-dimensional fronts. We to regain a full balance in order to reduce anxiety and unproductive and unfulfilling busyness. We can be more productive, more creative and happier when we relax.

Perhaps the best way of putting the value of intuitive intelligence is what I read recently by an unnamed physicist. He says that deeper levels of self-knowledge create an "energy reservoir" that is capable of creating a desired outcome almost instantly by directing one's desire and intention. This means real power in today's world where anything can happen and everything is unprecedented.

For most of us not following our intuition has been at times both expensive and regrettable. We can usually look back and with hindsight notice that all of "those feelings" or "early warning signs" were there. Long dismissed as "touchy-feely" we now realize that learning to work with intuition is not only necessary but vital to business and personal success.

People who are more in touch with their intuitive skills are better listeners, they hear the "whole" story, both the part you're telling and the part you're not telling. They are better able to discern when the pieces don't fit because information is missing or conflicting, or when to ask more questions because the underlying agenda is speaking louder than the words. They also have less stress and more energy and synchronicity because they're able to maintain a "flow state" of energy that's more sustainable for both the body and the creative spirit.

Well, the good news is you CAN train yourself to use your intuition better and its not that difficult. But training yourself does require the discipline of practice - something you cannot get from a book. Even 5 to 10 minutes a day of almost any meditative or self-awareness training will make a difference.

It doesn't matter where you start, but it does matter THAT you start. And gee, isn't it a relief to turn the information off and close your eyes for a bit?

Here are some of the ways to start:


The simplest way is to watch your breath. See the inhale, see the exhale. Imagine inhaling pure essence and exhaling all the bad air, negativity, worry of your day. Make sure it's something that suits you personally; there are many ways to meditate. Even conscious walking can be a meditation. Or just listen to your heart beat.


During the day make several attempts to catch yourself. Become aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your inner essence. Be non-attached, simply watch the video, let thoughts pass, as you witness yourself in your world.


We all have certain ways of getting information, solving problems, thinking, acting, etc. Next time you have to make a decision, turn your attention within and notice what your intuition is telling you. This will be beyond any "fact". Notice if there is unresolved energy. You may need to ask more questions, clarify another person's intention, or change your approach. Also look at potential paths to take. Good ones fill you with energy and power, not good ones bring doubts and other feelings.


Capture dreams, insights, ideas that come to you without effort. Reread them after a few weeks and see how they related to what went on in your life and how your intuitive senses were communicating with you.


Teach yourself how to get a quick yes/no answer. Visualize an internal sign or meter that you can see clearly a yes or no. I like to use a speedometer model with a needle with one side green for yes and the other side red for no, but let your intuition present something to you using your own internal language. Practice testing it with clear 'yeas' and clear no questions. Then ask questions with unknown answers. When you become good at this then you can use it accurately even in a pressure situation.


Often the hardest things to get intuitive insight on is your own. Use a tool like Intuita MindWare to bring you to a state where you can ask and answer your own questions without getting caught up in the emotional currents. You can check out one of the MindWare processes in the MindLab at www.intuita.com and also experiment with other mini-meditations and insight exercises.

*An edited version of this article was published in Training & Development, March 2000 issue. Entitled "How to Develop the Habit of Intuition."

Copyright © 2003 by Arupa Tesolin

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