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The Intelligent Heart

The Intelligent Heart

(A.R.E. Press)

(Book Summary by Linda Brown)

[Note: HeartMath was developed by Doc Lew Childre, founder of the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California. Its purpose is to help people transmute stress and negative emotions in the moment by giving them power over the "inner dynamics" of their heart, brain, nervous system and emotions.

Edgar Cayce was a renowned psychic who, in a self-induced sleep state, gave "readings" which offered practical help on many subjects, including diagnosing and treating illnesses. He has been referred to as the father of holistic medicine and his work is being carried on by the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We have created the life we are living. It is also within our power to transform the life we have created. This book is a comprehensive examination of the Universal Laws and combines the wisdom of Edgar Cayce with the science of HeartMath.

Universal Laws never fail. Some examples of Universal Laws are the Law of Love, Law of Giving, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Relationship, Laws of Cause and Effect, Law of Balance, Law of Love, Law of Attunement, Law of Faith and the Law of Relationships.

There are others.

A Universal Law operates for all humans everywhere, all the time. However, the choice is ours as to whether or not to use each one effectively.

The ultimate test of Universal Laws is how they can bring transformation for ordinary people. Transformation occurs when there is a shift in perception about an experience. Laws of Transformation show how each of us can gain a more meaningful perspective and how to bring fulfillment to the lives we are living. If we bring love into our fears and hurts, we have the ability to change our hearts.

Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings pertained to the Universal Laws; Doc Lew Childre observed people living these laws.

Childre conducted tests on the people living the Universal Laws. His experiments took transformation into reality. The science of HeartMath illustrates how the heart gets directions from the brain. It gives proof that changes occur in our physiological, psychological and electromagnetic systems when we employ the Laws of Transformation. These changes affect heart rate, blood pressure, immune system and electromagnetic spectrum.

Each person has a particular frequency which he radiates. In addition, each is also a receiving set and can receive other signals which come from within and without. By adjusting our inner circuits, we can attune our body, mind and heart to higher vibrations. For different states of consciousness we have different electrical waves in the brain and heart. We have the ability to select our frequencies by choosing our thoughts and feelings. Whenever we experience one of the core feelings related to love, we stimulate the electromagnetic field that is generated by the beating of the heart. Because Spirit is moving through the heart, this activates the Law of Attunement by stimulating the electromagnetic field of the heart. When using the intelligence of the heart along with the intelligence of the head, we tap into divine guidance.

The tools for connection to this higher intelligence of ours are Freeze Frame, Cut-Thru, appreciation, care and deep heart listening.

Freeze-Frame is a technique developed by Childre. It utilizes the transforming power of the love that flows through the human heart. Since the heart manages the distribution of energy throughout all centers in our body, when energy is centered in the heart, we are able to consciously work with that energy. The five-step process of Freeze-Frame includes the following:

1. Recognizing a stressful feeling and freeze-framing it by taking time out.

2. Shifting your focus of thinking away from the disturbed emotion and into the heart area.

3. Recalling a fun time or a positive feeling you’ve had in the past and giving your heart energy to it for at least ten seconds.

4. Asking your heart what would be a more efficient response to the stressful situation you’ve put in freeze-frame.

5. Letting your heart give you the answer and following what it says.

The first 3 steps in Freeze-Frame involve the heart. The 4th and 5th involve the Law of Wisdom, because you ask your heart a question and listen for the answer.

Painful emotional memories can be healed by using Freeze- Frame. To bring complete release, the feeling of love must be as strong as the feeling of hurt.

Freeze frame only takes a few minutes and can be done anytime, any place. It is at the spiritual level of our hearts that truth is known.

By using Freeze-Frame, respiratory heart rate variability and blood pressure can be brought into entrainment through feelings of love. The deeper our heart feelings, the higher level of intelligence we are able to access. When entrainment occurs, the body operates more efficiently and harmoniously.

Emotions and attitudes affect our ECG pattern. Graphs in the book illustrate how the ECG pattern is affected by different emotions, such as appreciation and frustration. Frustration depletes energy, appreciation regenerates it. The Law of Love is based not on thoughts of love but on feelings of love. What we learn through all of Childre’s experiments is that our heart feelings have the power to change us at the level of our body cells.

If there is a question or problem to which you don’t need an immediate answer, it is a very good idea to bring it with love into your heart and hold it there in neutral. In this way you can rest until your heart is ready to give an answer. Keeping it in neutral gives you a wider perspective on solution. Eventually, you will get the answer.

In caring for someone or about some situation, it is quite possible to experience overcare. There is quite a difference in care and overcare. Care is a genuine feeling and is renewing. Overcare is caring to a point where we experience stress. It occurs when we are caring not from the heart but from our own insecurities and fears. It is easy to move from care into overcare without realizing it’s happening. We need to keep in mind that balanced care is not accompanied by feelings of obligation, resentment or frustration.

Overcare drains us and takes us out of flow. It often leads us into the experience of burnout. Overcare happens when we identify with our expectations.

This is where another of Childre’s techniques - Cut-Thru – can help. Cut-Thru is a way of bringing the feeling of fear into the heart area. It is an easy way to transform deep emotional hurts, because Cut-Thru works with an emotion at the level of its frequencies rather than with memories. We allow the spiritual presence within us to move into the areas where we hold limiting emotional or thought patterns.

Cut-Thru also employs the Law of Love. You use each step in Cut-Thru until you get relief and at that time you skip the other steps and go directly to the last one. The five steps are briefly as follow:

1. Recognizing the feelings of overcare.

2. Holding these feelings in your heart, then releasing them.

3. Holding a feeling of peace in the heart.

4. Asking yourself how (and recognizing the answer) care turned into overcare.

5. Following your heart intelligence, letting it tell you what true care would consist of in this situation.

The authors consider Cut-Thru to be one of the most effective methods they have found to put the Law of Love to use. Experiments done while using Cut-Thru also showed physical changes within the body. Doc Lew Childre has devoted an entire book to the subject of Cut-Thru, with that also being the title of the book.

The HeartMath Institute set out to find out why some of the transformative laws brought stronger, faster results than others. The Laws of Cause and Effect take a much longer time to bring change than the Laws of Transformation. This is because the Laws of Transformation connect us to higher dimensional energy levels of love, while the Laws of Cause and Effect operate through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. Love is mostly an internal experience.

There is an overall purpose to the life experience that is served by the Universal Laws. Living by them not only changes our own lives, but also creates transformation in our society.

A major emphasis of the Cayce readings was that guidance should be sought within oneself. Some ways of making this inner connection are by going within, meditating, studying dreams. walking and talking with Him and praying. For some people the Him Cayce spoke of will be God. For others it will be another great spiritual presence or their own higher intelligence. One of the most important aspects of receiving guidance is asking for it. The deeper the heart connection, the more direct the guidance may be.

One of the Laws of Attunement, the Law of Seeking First, makes it clear that we must make the search for spirit the most important priority in our lives. When we do this, all other things we need in our lives (be they mental, emotional, social, spiritual or physical) seem to be there. Some ways in which the Law of Seeking First can be applied are by prayer, meditation, affirmation and tithing.

Cayce put special emphasis upon the Laws of Cause and Effect regarding action and reaction. You give and you receive. You should treat others as you would like for them to treat you. This law isn’t a cure-all, but it realizes those things that are out of balance in a relationship.

The intuitive intelligence we possess while experiencing a core heart feeling is capable of interacting with data beyond what is available through the five senses. This is because we are altering the hologram in which we’re operating.

In transforming ourselves, it is important that we learn not only to balance our lives through allocation of money and time; it is also necessary to balance our head and our heart. Today 75% of all doctors’ visits are for stress-related disorders. Most of the stress is caused not by a situation, but by our reaction to the situation. If we bring balanced care into our relationships and activities, they will be energy producing and fun.

Through the Universal Laws, we are at a higher level of existence in every aspect of our lives.

"As you live the law, you become the law."

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