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Cracking the Intuition Code

Cracking the Intuition Code

(Contemporary Books, 1999)

Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

Everyone has intuition, but in many it is asleep because either the individual doesn’t understand what is happening or he doesn’t know how to use the information he receives. When humanity as a whole accepts its intuitive powers, it will be capable of building a better future for all parts of creation

Intuition is a human sensory process triggered by situations either inside or outside the body. It aids in maintaining stability and in developing individual and species potential. Intuition developed as part of the evolutionary process of survival of the fittest. It is an aid in protection against threats to individual lives, to the life of the species, or to other life forms. It helps gain personal advantage, develop potential and nurture other organic and mechanical systems. Its main purpose is to insure the perpetuation of humanity.

The world is full of unpredictable events and unknown conditions. These "U factors" are the predators and humanity is the prey. The news today is full of natural and manmade disasters, storms, earthquakes, murder, and war. In order to stabilize conditions, mankind must become more sensitive, more intuitive. Intuition will enable individuals to understand U factors and gain control of them.

Intuiting is a sensory process by which an individual gains information. Like sight or hearing, this sensory system has perceptual effects. In the case of intuition the effects are psi effects. Psi effects report useful information, and when acted upon they lead to correcting a situation headed for trouble. It is wrong to analyze information produced by a psi effect because most of them are literal. They are always factual.

In 1932, Dr. Louisa Rhine and Dr. Joseph Rhine established a laboratory at Duke University to investigate paranormal phenomena which they named psi effects. They theorized that psi effects were part of a sensory system, so they called it extrasensory perception. Their research led to the acceptance of parapsychology into the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1968. .

A later definition is that a psi effect is an element of intuition that reveals factual information about an event happening in the environment that requires a human to act if it is to come to an ideal conclusion.

Later research has identified seven psi effects.

1.) The Reflex Effect or the Bulldozer. causes the individual to react involuntarily, without knowing it. It occurs when an interaction needs to take place now. It produces a movement to restore balance in a way that slips into the activity of the moment and goes unnoticed. It appears to produce no apparent change, but change may manifest itself later. Wellness, spontaneous healing, and miracles are the result of Reflex Effect intuitions.

2.) The Instruction Effect or the Captain issues a command and leaves choice to act to the receiver of the message. Its messages usually concern direction and timing of movement. It always relates to the very next physical or mental move. It appears when action must take place immediately if it is to do any good. There is no time for analyzing and planning. The intuitor is told what to do in order to accomplish the finest result.

3.) Telepathy Effect or barometer reports immediate mental climates; It does not deal with past or future. It does enable the intuitive person to read the current mood of others. It enables humans to interact wholesomely. A decision must always be made to act or not act on this effect. This is a primary effect.

The intuitor perceives another ‘s mental tension when the other is suffering stress within the nervous system. The trigger of telepathy is one of the nerve-generated phenomena like self-control, passion, character, mood, reasoning, and breakdown. The reason that these act as triggers is that they combine to build or destroy stable psyches.

Because each of us is responsible for maintaining his own healthy psyche, which is a very complicated job, nature gave us the ability to reach out to others through telepathy to help us maintain the set point. The general rule seems to be if the individual’s mental world is stable, the intuition doesn’t call out for help. If it is not stable, the individual will send a telepathic message for help.

Self-control is the master ability to coordinate life events and controls the entire nervous system. We all need to learn that telepathy can help us learn what people can give and what they need. Fear is a signal that the system is at the end of its tolerance. The system will send an open invitation for help to come immediately through telepathy.

Passionate rage is a signal of near madness. If it takes the form of out rage it will have a clear direction against the violator of the individual’s rights. The telepathy works here to join those together that can fight the violator. In rage is internalized anger that is mind numbing, and isolating. It usually allows no support and doesn’t call out for help very frequently.

This form of anger is better handled by a therapist than by an intuitor. In general, however, when self-control is weakening the telepathic message will be sent to an intuitor who will know that it is being drained away. It is part of being a member of humanity to help the sufferer return to set point. Parents and teachers should begin to use telepathy immediately.

Character is the combination of an individual’s innate qualities. Telepathy allows the intuitor to read character when meeting strangers. It is a real advantage for public relations professionals, anyone who hires and fires, and social workers and law enforcement personnel and educators and elected leaders.

Moods come and go. But just because they are temporary doesn’t mean they should be ignored by the telepath. A mood creates an atmosphere, which influences others. Take action to fit the mood.

Telepathy is especially useful in detecting human freaks. A malevolent strain of the species is always perceptible through telepathy. It has such force in its fury that its psi effect overrides all other telepathic exchanges. Telepathy is triggered quickly when a fiend is in search of prey. When you intuit a violent psyche do precisely as the effect reports.

Counter to public fears, telepathy cannot invade a person’s thoughts. It is a regulatory mechanism designed to detect and correct, not to snoop. Mental states of strain have to be strong enough to perturb the environment to stimulate telepathy. It comes to the telepath; the telepath is not searching for it.

4.) The teleos effect (tee-lee-ose) or Periscope reports data through retrocognition, direct cognition, and precognition. It can be used to find pertinent information about history of people, override deceptive advertising, monitor developing environmental conditions, locate mundane missing objects and concealed deadly ones, and predict future outcomes of every process.

This is a primary effect. Teleos reports buildup or breakdown of physical materials and forces. It ignores human mental states. It also ignores manmade divisions of time, in favor of time events in motion. It is appearing in humanity for survival reasons. It gives us details about U forces before we make a radical move, like splitting the atom. It will warn us when our science and technology bring us to close to extinction.

Information gained from Teleos will occur far enough ahead for the intuitor to try to control the phenomena or to adjust to its impact. Instruction and reflex are its backups as the situation becomes more critical. Teleos works because the interplay of human and natural micro process means that humanity is not a guest on earth. Human beings must play a role in shaping the future. Teleos helps us by giving us information about organic and inorganic change.

5.) Clarification or Mimic Effect includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. It is a secondary psi effect, a backup that comes when the initial warning signals are missed. Nature mimics other sensory systems, hearing, seeing, and thinking to sneak a psi message past our religious and rational inhibitions. It evolved because society has opposed intuitive systems but at the same time needed the information supplied by intuition. As society adjusts to using Telepathy and Teleos, Clarification will devolve.

6.) The Dream Effect or Look out foretells the future, and has the responsibility for being on guard all of the hours that the body is not fully alert. In its secondary role it repeats what was missed from the two primary roles during the day.

7.) The Déjà vu or museum effect seems to show for the sake of showing things about the universe that are available only through intuition. It is related to peak experiences, oceanic or religious experiences. It may be an introduction to the full range of complex intuition. It allows the receiver to experience intuition’s micro world and micro processes. It leaves only images, similes and metaphors. The receiver becomes a member of an audience enjoying a work of art.

Organisms are systems that live and grow as long as their cellular systems are healthy. Survival is possible because of the regulatory mechanisms like Intuition. One natural law is that life goes forward successfully for organisms that have precise control over their internal environments. It is a delicate balancing act that can be upset by the organism being thrown into excessive conditions or by depriving the organism of physical necessities.

However, most of the time the organism does not have to actively be aware of its health and well-being because various regulatory systems are taking care of it. A regulatory mechanism goes into action the instant any variance occurs within a system that throws it off enough to disturb its optimal functioning.. In a machinelike way, it ensures the stability of the system by overseeing all exchanges of life-support materials and basic operations. It makes corrections when either materials or operations fall off and endanger the organism.

A regulatory mechanism consists of four parts:

1.) A system variable that needs regulation

2.) A set point or preset amount needed to function optimally.

3.) A detector sensitive to deviations from set point

4.) A correctional mechanism capable of restoring the system to a set point.

Intuition is a regulatory mechanism with the psi effects acting as detectors. Its job is to keep the individual fine-tuned and interactive with every one of the universal systems that circulate around and through the individual. Intuition is the universal manager and the set point it controls is the optimal performance that standard state of the art living in the natural order provides for the organism. Intuition is a purely sensory process.

It is a specialized regulatory system to help the organism learn and adjust to living situations. When a system is off set point or is about to become off set point someone’s intuition will begin to work immediately to prevent the quality of life from declining. We learn from the psi effects’ detector system the facts we need to know to make the correction. Until the intuitor makes the corrective move, the intuitive process is incomplete. In five of the seven psi effects, the intuitor has the choice to respond or not respond. If he is to receive any benefit from the intuition he must act.

Individuals learn by receiving from the environment fresh information that enters through sensory cells called neurons. The information travels along the nervous system to the brain and finds the appropriate area there to enable the individual to experience the effect in his head. Sensors are delicate devices that respond to a specific physical stimulus. Each neuron has its own internal regulators.

The evolution of the nervous system helps explain intuition. Intuition has emerged as a regulatory process to protect man from the potentially dangerous ability to reason. When the ability to analyze evolved Homo sapiens moved to the head of the animal kingdom. Through inventions during the industrial revolution, man learned to augment nature’s regulatory mechanism. Man attacked what he disliked and rushed matters to gain what he wanted.; so man has become a threat to earth. Unless a correction of some sort comes along, man is looking at becoming an evolutionary failure.

Our detection senses show that man has tampered with natural systems and abused natural processes before identifying the consequences. Now there are innumerable environmental breakdowns and a species that has been damaged. Threatened now by the products of its own mental ability and the will to use that ability unchecked, man must develop a new regulatory mechanism to advise where mankind should and should not go. Intuition could act as that system. Its purpose would be to steer our rational intelligence through the U factors (unpredictable and unexpected) and send signals when information and reasoning are faulty.

Using intuition as a guide in this way begins with the individual’s being aware of the psi effects. Step one in learning to use intuition then is to keep a list of the psi effects you experience, and how they caught your attention. The second rule of use is simple: When intuition sends a psi effect, rely on it and follow through. Once again it is the variable/detection/correction process. The three laws of intuition follow the same pattern:

1.) Law of information: Intuition introduces us to purely factual data and gives instructions on how to move.

2.) Law of action: Intuition draws us into activity by giving us options to follow.

3.) Rule of use says rely on intuition and follow through.

Many aspects of society oppose the practice of intuition. Presently we live in a linear society that believes in reasoning logically and in finding facts that can be proven. Standard research procedures have been developed to handle scientific problems while others are handed over to religion to deal with. Intuition fits neither the scientific nor the religious model of problem solving. Anything like intuition is labeled psychic and feared. The only way to reduce such fear reactions is to teach others to use their intuition.

Because Religion usually says that a solid wall exists between religious beliefs, which are good, and intuition’s facts, which are bad, the two cannot coexist. That is not really an accurate statement. A strong case can be made that Buddha, Confucius and Jesus were simple human beings introducing humanity to the birth of intuition. Many people agree when they follow through on psi effects the results are miraculous and often the feeling accompanying such intuitive experiences is one very similar to the oceanic or religious enlightenment these three men taught. Their lives exhibit time-honored examples of behaviors that can be witnessed today in intuitives. By studying them, Humanity may awaken in time to help the world survive

Since intuition is a sensory system there must be physical receptor neurons in the human body. AS a part of a sensory system psi effects cannot be imagination or a sign of metal imbalance. Intuition senses or accepts entities floating around in the ether. This is comparable to sight. Vision is sensitive to electromagnetism a force of nature. Smell is sensitive to chemical changes that excite the nerves of the nose. It is not necessary to understand the physics of either vision or smell in order to experience them. So it is with intuition.

The intuitive positioning system or IPS guides the intuitor to his goal. The first step in learning to use intuition is to distinguish between the feelings and thoughts generated by our psyches and the interplay among the substances and forces distributed throughout the physical environment. The way to do that is to learn to recognize the psi effects. When you want to prove that an experience is intuitive ask what other senses could have caught your attention or brought this information.

The IPS tells the intuitor where to move, when to start, and when to stop. It is ready and available whenever it is needed. It is a normal biological means of following through on psi effects. It works like vision’s positioning system. You have to know where you are and where you want to go. When you fall off the direction even a little, the IPS in your head will send you a message. Eventually you arrive at the goal. It will always be accurate. Using it may take training and trusting it may take longer.

One way to learn intuition is to study and analyze accounts of other peoples’ experiences. Answering the following questions can be helpful:

1.) Why did that person learn what he learned?

2.) Find the psi effect.

3.) Note when the fact learned was verified.

4.) How did the intuitor follow through?

5.) What would you have done n the same situation?

6.) Did the psi effect enable the intuitor to detect factor U and create the best possible outcome?

The one thing that all seven-psi effects have in common is that they make us teammates with the universe. Intuition empowers us to interact with nature, to create and change society, and to transform ourselves. It helps us feel a unity with all things, and to know that we are co-creators with all that exists. Becoming intuitive is following a spiritual path. It necessitates living with a way of perceiving that transcends the ego. Living the intuitive life means being constantly aware of living in a universe governed by a divine or natural order.

It obliges the intuitive person to become so conscious of unfolding events that he will never miss an event in the cosmic dynamic. It means striving to personally participate in the harmony and to live on earth unified with the divine spirit. Intuition is the only universally available sensory system that leads each individual to moments of unity with the hidden dimension of things. Every man, woman and child can have this experience. It also necessitates that the moves the intuitive person makes have a bearing on the greater good of all that exists now and in the future.

The Routine is a simple process designed to use intuition to make decisions. It is useful when someone doesn’t know what step to take next, to make on the spot decisions, to face the future and to take risks. Questioning can set intuition going. Selecting intuition as the sensory perception to use is as easy as deciding to focus attention on it. In selecting intuition you add a step to the process. It now becomes ask a question, detect the psi effect, make a decision and take action.

In asking a question you need to identify the information you need and reflect your intention. Always start with the question "What do I know about ________?" The question introduces a situation that is off set point and that establishes the connection that intuition needs. What is the only interrogative word that directs the senses to intuition. All the others appeal to memory or reason. The question must point directly to the point that confused us.

Detecting psi effects means recognizing any of three sensations in out heads as psi reports. In all three we become aware that we are learning information. A vacant place in the head becomes occupied with an awareness of receiving a report. The three sensations are sensing factual information, knowing factual information or feeling information. One of the feelings is the feeling of being in danger, or exposure to possible harm. Another is the feeling of well-being.

To learn about intuition it is helpful to keep a journal of intuitive experiences. Just describe the effects. Do not fill in missing gaps. Draw or sketch. The journal will give you a tangible cross section of experiences to study. It is also helpful to talk about your experiences. How do they match what others have experienced? Once you have connected the three characteristic sensations to the wordless psi effects you’ve cracked the code.

The individual is always intuition’s priority. Courage is essential in the first stages of mastering intuition. Do not push yourself to make corrective moves unless you are comfortable with the responsibility associated with the corrective action. The universe will not fade into oblivion if you do not act. If you want to survive and flourish, you are required to take them and follow through and keep the system going. There are several reasons you might decide not to follow through. The information might not make sense. The message may get lost. Impossible obstacles limit following through. The message is too threatening. The action required is too embarrassing. You don’t trust intuition.

Really the only way to learn intuiting is to teach ourselves by describing and analyzing our experience with the intuitive process. Run through this checklist each time you intuit information. Keep a record of your experiences. Look for patterns.

Psi Checklist

Always write a brief description of the intuitive event. Then look for the following items:

1.) Identify the sensation associated with the psi effect.

2.) Pinpoint the fact or facts you learned.

3.) Distinguish how the facts helped you follow through.

4.) Understand the actual moves you made.

5.) Observe your psychological reaction to being intuitive.

6.) Assess the process. What were the system variable, the set point, the detector, and the corrective mechanism?

7.) How was the ISP used?

8.) Evaluate the outcome.

The intuitive sensory system will enable humans to better manage the world by giving us control over information. When reason and intuition disagree, intuition will always be correct. Reason and intuition evolved at about the same time, but reason became a tool for everyone, and intuition became a gift for a few. It is time the two were reintegrated. Intuition is there for all, only for the asking. It needs to be taken into laboratories so scientists can find the living cellular sensory system in our bodies. At the same time everyone should be instructed how to live life at set point through intuition.

The ecosystem is unstable, and humanity is losing its stability. If we want to avoid self-extinction, we all need to use our intuition not just for maintaining our own set points, but also for returning Earth and its life systems back to their set points.

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