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A Story Stranger than Ripley

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Ever had an experience that was so incredible, you simply must share it, but its very "incredibility," that is, "not credible" meant that no one would believe it? I have just read an incredible, but true story about someone who experienced that frustration in the extreme degree and took extreme measures to try to get people to understand.

The book is The PK man: A true story of mind over matter (Hampton Roads). It is the story of Ted Owens (1920-1987), who had such incredible psychokinetic (PK) ability that he could cause lightening to strike at a momentís notice at any target he designated. Not only could he end droughts with record breaking rainstorms, but he caused earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, influenced the outcome of sporting events and maybe even caused the Challenger disaster. If those feats are not sufficiently unbelievable, Ted claimed that his PK ability was the gift of extra-dimensional beings--the "space intelligences," as he called them , who also were helping him, their "representative on earth," to perform these feats in order to awaken humanity. Hard to believe, I know.

Yet I believe the facts in the book, not just because itís a "true story," but more because of respect for the author, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, who has been the director the Intution Network ( He has had a long-running public television show, "Thinking Allowed," on which he has interviewed most every expert in the fields of spirituality, metaphysics, the new psychology and psychical research. He has the general respect and trust of his colleagues, many of whom had their own documented experiences with Ted Owensí phenomena. Finally, Mishloveís account reads true, something youíd have experience for yourself.

The story Mishlove tells covers about the last ten years of Tedís life, the period when Mishlove work with him. Mislove had written the story earlier, but suppressed it because he was afraid no one would believe him. Kevin Ryerson finally convinced him to go public. The book recounts the events surrounding Tedís demonstrations of his PK talents, a discussion of different interpretations of these events, and finally, a discussion of the moral lessons we can learn.

Mislove makes a good case for believing that Ted did, indeed, possess enormous PK ability. What about the "space intelligences"? Ted claimed that they were not from another planet. Mislove speculates that these extra-dimensional intelligences might be extensions of Tedís own being, in the same way that some theorists believe UFOs may be the result of humanityís collective PK ability. Mishlove describes how Einsteinís dream of a unified field theory has been realized with the advent of "string theory" (donít ask me to explain it!), but which requires that not four, but ten dimensions of being must exist! Those extra dimensions leave plenty of space for special intelligence to reside and operate in a manner not visible to our sensory minds.

Do you enjoy stretching your imagination? Then contemplate the possibility that humans extend into other dimensions. Suppose that such extra-dimensional activity can visit us in a manner appearing as if alien to ourselves. It is like a quantum leap beyond poltergeist activity. It is as if crop circles were messages humanity was receiving from its higher self.

It is to Mishloveís credit that he worked hard to try to turn Ted to more constructive demonstrations. He worked hard to encourage Ted to sublimate his desire for revenge, when, for example, he would end a record breaking drought with record breaking rainstorms, yet no one would give him credit for doing so. Sometimes Tedís "Iíll show them!" attitude reminds me of the Old Testament God who gets very angry when His people do not recognize His existence in the way He expects. God can get away with such tremendous acts of revenge. The only reason Ted got away with it, as when he caused crashes, blackouts or bedlam, was that no one would believe he could be responsible.

Mislove is generally soft-hearted and compassionate in his judgement of the PK Man, directing more of his energies toward trying to understand the difficulty for humanity to constructively integrate knowledge of the human potential when it so surpasses our understanding. Ted himself suffered through his "gift." When the boundaries of the self are dissolved and person is exposed to a boundless universe "within" oneís own head, it requires a person strongly rooted in idealism and self-knoweldge not to go crazy.

One unambiguous gift from the space intelligences, however, that Ted left behind was a transcript of a self-hypnosis script for spiritual development. Its unique series of suggestions is reprinted in its entirety for the reader to examine. When Mishlove listened to it repeatedly over a period of a few days, he said it turned his life around. With such a mixed bag of blessings and curses, realism and incredibility, Tedís story is for us to judge for ourselves, believe it or not.

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