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(Editor's note: Barbara Marciniak, author of Bringers of the Dawn, has a new book, Path of Empowerment*. This interview is courtesy of the publisher, Inner Ocean.)

1) Will you tell us who the Pleiadians are?

That's the big mystery. I really don't know exactly who they are. They introduced themselves, when I first began to channel them, as a collective of multidimensional beings from the star system we call the Pleiades. They claim that they are kin to us, and that they have come back in time from their future to our present time. They say that humankind faces a critical turning point in years between 1987 and 2012, and the choices we've made in their probable timeline have created a massive tyranny.

To solve their dilemma, they've returned to what they call a "nanosecond in the annals of time" to help us more clearly see our choices and possibly create an alternative probability based on personal empowerment and our connection to nature. Otherwise, we may end up as disempowered drones living a nightmare existence as half-human/half-machine beings.

2) How did you come to channel messages from them?

I was really captivated by the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts. The main message was that your thoughts create your reality, and from my own experience I knew that to be true. My sister Karen and I even visited her a few years before she died to thank her for changing our lives. I have always had a strong sense of intuition.

In May of 1988, I followed an enticing impulse and went on a sacred journey tour to Egypt and Greece. While traveling to these ancient sites, I sensed a familiarity and felt that I had lived there in other times. The last stop was Delphi, where unbeknownst to me, female oracles in trance states had served as official soothsayers for centuries.

As I walked through the entrance to the temple, my body was hit with what I would now call cellular memories. I sat for a few hours on a lovely stone wall, completely contented and at peace, feeling as if I had returned to one of my old homes. The next day after a farewell group get-together, I had a strong impulse to return to my room and practice channeling. I sat down on the floor, with my back up against the bed, recalled my visit to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, and said out loud, "I intend to be a clear channel now."

After a few minutes, I began to speak in a voice other than my own, and the source soon identified themselves as The Pleiadians. My channeling began in Athens on May 18, and many years later, through studying astrology, I learned that on that day, the sun is at 28 Taurus, conjunct the Pleiadian star system.

3) This is your fourth book of Pleiadian wisdom. Was there anything different about the preparation and writing of this particular book?

Even though each of my books follows a different process, they are all in response to what is occurring in my personal life, that of my family and friends and in the outside world. The books can be read on many levels, because the Pleiadian teachings offer an intriguing blend of cosmic knowledge, shamanic power, and common sense that can be used to understand the forces at play in our lives.

For me, Path of Empowerment was a much more hands-on personal experience. My sister Karen and I spent two years shifting through reams of channeled material, which had not been compiled in a book form since 1995. This time I was the primary organizer of the material, and did all of the rewrites and polishing with the extensive help of my editor John Nelson.

I might add that I insist on a strong integrity level with the concepts I release to the general public; they are first time-tested in my own life and that of my students.

4) Does Path of Empowerment address contemporary social and political issues more than your past books?

All of my books, and possibly this one in particular, are metaphors for the dynamic underlying forces that work at many different levels to create the events in our lives, personal and collective. So, while I do not attempt to "figure out" why this or that happened, the Pleiadians show the varied energies, forces, and factors at work at many levels from which probable realities arise.

As an example in Chapter 8, they explain the history of secret religious organizations, which have often evolved into military cadres, and how they have come to withhold vital information and become keepers of secrets rather than stewards of our true history. This has led to wars of aggression in order to manage this trove of sacred information.

They point out that the recent looting of the museums in Iraq was planned and not an oversight by the occupying military forces.

5) One theme of this book is our multidimensional awareness. Explain this concept, and how it can help us better manage the chaos and complexity of contemporary life.

A multidimensional world model, which high-energy physicists now accept, is based on the concept that all time is occurring simultaneously-how the Pleiadians can seemingly return to our time and change its probable future.

We are at our core spiritual beings, and our consciousness expands far beyond our physical 3-D world, which is more of a projection and co-creation with other realms rather than a separate reality in and of itself. Existence is a vast interconnected web of energy that our consciousness explores, while another part of us is focused in here 3-D reality-buying groceries, paying the rent, making love, and making babies.

Since 3-D reality is actually a focus of attention or a mass agreement, everything that happens to us is first mediated at another level, from the friends we make and the families we are part of, to car accidents and global catastrophes. Being connected to this vast web of energy, we are constantly receiving information via intuitions, impulses, feelings, dreams, and even mental fantasies.

All of existence is one big reference symbol from one level to the next. Being sensitive to these currents will allow us to adapt, adjust, and heal ourselves and others during this critical nanosecond of time.

6) You say that the years 1987 to 2012 are critical to our survival. What makes them so important?

According to the Pleiadians, as the years unfold toward 2012, everything accelerates faster and faster. This is the result of our solar system passing through high-energy particle zones and being bombarded by them down to the subatomic level. As everything speeds up, the law of cause and effect-or how our thoughts create our reality-becomes more and more obvious.

In the past, what would have taken months or years for a cause, like a good or evil deed, to have its effect, will begin to happen within days, hours, and minutes. It will become blatantly obvious to all of us that we are the creators of our reality, and by changing our thinking, we can change ourselves and our circumstances. This is self-empowerment.

The forces, which would turn us into soulless machine drones, work to convince us that we are powerless victims at the mercy of random forces and that we have no influence on the shape our lives, individually and collectively. The critical choice during these years involves accepting personal responsibility: we must claim our power and change our lives for the better or others will claim it and enslave us.

7) You stress the importance of being immersed in nature. What is happening to our psyches as we shift from a nature-based society to an electronically entrained one?

The Pleiadians call Earth the Living Library because this is where genetic codes and energy frequencies from cosmic sources are maintained and used to sustain us, along with everything in 3-D reality, through the system of nature. Being immersed in nature balances the mind and replenishes those codes at every level; it refines and updates them, and makes us better equipped to manage our lives as co-creators.

The Pleiadians say that nature is a majestic program of energy, a force of consciousness, that we must learn how to consciously interact with. However, in the last 250 years, the movement from rural to city living through industrialization has cut us off from nature's renewal.

Today, the new electronic technology further distances us from the experience of direct contact: digital sound recordings mimic nature but don't convey the feelings of the natural world, and television has replaced genuine human interaction for many people. This movement away from nature cuts us off from the natural source of our power and contributes to a growing sense of powerlessness in our lives, which the Pleiadians are here to warn us about.

8) Will you explain how the proper use of sexual energy can restore all that is sacred and missing in our lives?

One aspect of our major learning curve toward personal empowerment is dealing with our emotions. When we unravel the fine dance of an emotional situation, we invariably discover the beliefs that generate it. Emotions are interpretations of reality. Emotional intelligence is learned and developed through responsibility and accountability.

And the chief challenge to emotional balance is dealing with sexual energy, which is both the most difficult and dangerous of energies to understand. An open and honest exploration of sexual energy, in regards to what it is and how we use it, can restore the sacred in our lives. Sex is our contact point with the vital force of creation as well as a declaration of our identity in physical reality.

Sexuality is an essential aspect of our creativity; when founded upon worthy values, our sexual experiences will offer romance, excitement, trust, intimacy, passion, caring, love, and self-worth. Our sexual expression is conditioned by what we believe we are, as well as by what we believe we are worth.

Sexual energy is also a karmic opening to our personal timelines, and especially during the times of acceleration-where it is like living a hundred lifetimes all rolled into one-we may attract people from so-called past lives to recreate specific experiences for the purpose of healing unresolved issues. By achieving a higher level of awareness, we can reinterpret events with greater insight and release the blocks of the victim/victimizer energy that keep us in a relentless holding pattern, circling around the same issues while never landing for nurturing forgiveness.

9) Explain how all healing is reinterpreting what we believed happened to us?

Our experiences can always be reinterpreted because they comprise layers and layers of significant agreements. Our true healing is about releasing trapped pain and fear through transforming old thought patterns containing restrictive attitudes and bringing a state of higher awareness into the body.

Asking "why" we create something changes our brain wave frequencies. And seeking greater meaning reestablishes the equilibrium of the body's natural power to cure itself. Opportunities abound when we choose to heal our relationship with our physical form.

The more we pay attention and acknowledge our bodies' messages, especially the "gut feelings" that come from the brain in our bellies, the more we will learn. Intuitive intelligence is a natural expression of our connection to the cosmic mind. When we trust ourselves and follow our finest instincts, our bodies do not work against us.

But, if we work against our bodies by belittling, criticizing, and devaluing ourselves, our bodies obey our strongest commands. When strong negative emotions accompany specific beliefs, the relayed commands can create illness. Again, we create our reality, including our health or lack of it. We must take personal responsibility and heal ourselves.

10) What is the key to personal empowerment?

A new and spiritually invigorating cosmic perspective is required for humanity to fully understand the purpose of the extreme polarization in today's modern world, and to eventually unify it. In this regard old patterns of thinking, which keep us trapped in fear and addicted to beliefs that only limit and confine the human spirit, need to be broken down to clear the way for a new order of the mind; one based on a global revival of personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment.

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