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Three Steps to Intuitive Empowerment

Three Steps to Intuitive Empowerment

     When I was about seven years old my grandmother handed me a deck of playing cards and said, "Now it's time for you to learn to read these." I had eagerly watched many times as she spread the cards on the smooth, white linen of our dining room table.

I now realize, after spending 30 years developing my career as an intuitive, what a profound influence her actions had on my life.

     Her words when she gave me the cards were far more powerful than the deck itself. As soon as I spread the cards I began to see vivid images in my mind's eye.

I practiced because of Grandmother's approval and gentle mentoring. In time, the images I received became stronger and I could interpret them more accurately. Without Grandmother's encouragement I wouldn't have persisted.

     At school I learned that most of my friends didn't receive such nurturing from their families. By the first grade most of them weren't interested in reading cards or paying attention to their imaginations as I did. Their intuitive curiosity and playful natural abilities were already suppressed or dormant.

     Some of my friends who were particularly talented struggled on for years with feelings of isolation, even guilt or shame for no reason other than being sensitive. Many students in my classes have shared their stories with me.

One woman in my Intuitive Career Mentoring Program was repeatedly struck by her father for mentioning her impressions. She continued to use her abilities despite the abuse and today is a professional intuitive consultant.

Hers is an extreme example of how strong the opposition of some families can be to intuitive development and expression.

     Whatever your early experiences may have been, it is never too late to empower yourself to use your abilities by following three steps. First, set your intention to use them. This is like tuning into a radio or TV station.

When I first began to do readings professionally I started each one by imagining that I was parting a curtain in front of a sacred altar.

At the end of the session I simply closed the imaginary curtain in my mind to return to ordinary consciousness.

     Now I simply use an affirmation or prayer such as, "I am open to receive that which is in my highest good and the highest good of those who seek my insights."

Setting your intention minimizes distracting thoughts while you are accessing your higher awareness and insures that you will not be bothered by intruding impressions at other times.

     The second step to self-empowerment is to listen to and follow higher guidance when it comes. As obvious as this seems, it is not always easy to recognize which of our thoughts come from higher guidance and which are ego-based.

Who of us hasn't later regretted a decision or action which we took against our inner knowing? Even the strongest intuitive insights can be contradicted by self-doubt just as conflicting emotions can override the most accurate impressions.

     If we are to trust our guidance we must build confidence on our successes. That is why the third step to self-empowerment involves setting appropriate goals for our intuitive work.

Ask for impressions about everyday situations. Choose ones that can be easily verified. Repeat as many times as you need to improve your accuracy.

It's worth the effort to discover that although intuition is not 100% correct all the time it definitely improves with critical practice.

     For instance, ask to be shown where the best parking spot will be the next time you drive to the grocery store or shopping mall. This might be challenging if you're ten minutes late and have lost your car keys.

Although some sensitives work well under stress, most find it distracting. It's best to start with times when you are calm and centered to build trust in your abilities.

With practice you will be able to relax and receive accurate information even under the most difficult circumstances.

     It's important to remember that intuition is a natural faculty which almost anyone can learn to use. You can access your intuition in a balanced way with reliable results if you empower yourself to try.

     *Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., author of The Intuitive Career, How to Succeed as a Consultant, Reader, or Healer (2005, CayMay Press), The Foundation and Modern Options workbooks and CDs (2005, CayMay Press) offers personal mentoring and on-line courses. See

She works as an intuitive consultant and medical intuitive from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, where she resides with her husband. Contact here at Visit her web sites:

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