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The Inner Psychic

The Inner Psychic

     In a society built on class distinction, good looks and cash flow, it’s hard to really know what our true self is and where our authentic inner strength and stability come from. All we know is we sense there is something more.

There is something that keeps tapping at our hearts and beckoning us to seek farther beyond what we can see with our eyes. What is the real reason for living?

Is it a process of being a monk meditating on a mountaintop with nothing but a strong connection to God? Or is it living in the “real” world with a big house, good job, and no financial worries? The good news is you can have both.

You can be a wealthy, healthy spiritual monk in the world with money in the bank and a fast car to zip around in. We can be spiritual beings with strong physical securities. But this balance and abundance must come from within first.

     As a professional psychic and spiritual teacher, I have witnessed, myself included, hundreds of people struggle with the inner conflict of the spiritual vs. the physical. I suspect one of the biggest reasons is because the majority of us were not taught about our psychic natures.

However, we are all psychic beings. The word, psychic, means, of the soul. Since we all have souls, we are all endowed with psychic potential. The word psychic brings into our mind the power of “knowing things”, of getting a map of life so we can see and be warned of any sudden turns or roadblocks.

Psychic power is much more than that. It is unfortunate that the phenomenon of psychic potential, in most cases, has been withered down to a simple act of getting the answers (we want) so we won’t have to deal with challenges.

     As a psychic who feels called to help others connect with their own inner psychic, my role is to encourage clients to deal with their challenges, not escape them. Accepting your true psychic nature means taking your power back and redirecting your life. That is why we are all reluctant psychics to some degree.

We are afraid of the power and total responsibility that comes with owning our psychic potential. It’s easier to play victim and blame someone else. But, how far has that approach gotten us? To be truly in control of our lives, we must learn to take the reins and drive toward our destinies with full psychic force.

     The first step is the simple realization that you are essentially a soul with a divine right to live in abundance, balance and security. Security is not a guarantee that you will always have money in the bank. Authentic security is the promise from your “inner psychic self” that you will be able to handle whatever comes and learn and grow from it.

That’s what inner security is all about. Your inner psychic is the reason you get up in the morning. It’s that extra inner push you get when you think you can’t go on. It is the very essence of who you are and what you were born to do.

     For many thousands of years people have flocked to wise men and woman needing reassurance of their existence here on earth. I believe we have entered a time when all of us are now forced to go deeply within and live life in a new way.

Your inner psychic already knows the reason you are here and the gifts you have to offer. As you connect with and rely on your power within, the less reluctant and the more psychic you will become.

Based on the book:
Reader of Hearts: The Life and Teachings of a Reluctant Psychic © 2006 by Darrin Owens.

Printed with permission of New World Library,
Novato, CA.
or 800-972-6657 ext. 52.

Darrin Owens has been a professional psychic and spiritual teacher for the past 10 years. His honest and outspoken style is firmly grounded in traditional spiritual wisdom. He offers workshops on developing spiritual abilities and lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. His website is

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