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Enhancing the Intuitive Coping Style

Enhancing the Intuitive Coping Style

David W. Miller


Abstract of Culminating Project for Atlantic University

   Many people are unaware of their inherent intuitive skills for dealing with the stressful situations of modern life. But others are aware of this intuitive transcendent phenomenon in the form of hunches and have learned how to sporadically use it.

A few have learned how to trigger this intuitive skill and use it to cope with modern life. This culminating project for Atlantic University addresses the question of what kind of training experiences might be used to help people adopt an optimal coping style for modern life.

The assumption was that the deepening of one’s own experience with meditation and intuition would have a positive impact.

   Adapting the work of Dr. Kenneth Pargament on “spiritual coping style,” a new instrument for measuring “intuitive coping style” was developed. Sixteen college juniors and seniors then served as voluntary participants in a training program that lasted for three weeks.

During those three weeks, they received training in the principles of transpersonal psychology, along with instructions and practice with a set of meditation exercises. Although meditation has been verified as beneficial through numerous meditation research projects, it is still a relatively unknown subject matter to young college students.

Another questionnaire instrument was used to measure effectiveness in meditation, as well as additional factors related to attitudes and spiritual awareness. A third source of data for this project was a content analysis of the narrative journals kept by the students during the three-week training course.

   Results showed noteworthy changes in how these students perceive their use of intuition for coping with life challenges.

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