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PMS: A trigger to change!

PMS: A trigger to change!

Each month, Anna feels like she is getting further and further behind. The smallest incidents set her off. She cries easily and lashes out at her husband and feels alone with her emotions and her confusion. This may sound familiar to you or resembles the symptoms of a friend you know.

Could your PMS be an Expression of your Unconscious Thoughts and Feelings?

“No way!” I hear you say. PMS is a curse and martyrizing moment that some women are plagued with and only medicine and pills can help. Right?

Well… being the no-BS therapist and researcher that I am, I have news for every one of you! Hard to believe? At first, yes.

As a good friend of mine says:

“Truth shall set you free but at first it is going to piss you off!”

Why do so many women suffer from PMS? Why do so many women take for granted that there can be nothing done about this monthly beast that knocks at their door every month and only every now and then for the rest of us? Many women believe that only medicine can help them; at best, many think that natural herbs will provide some relief, and many times, it is true.

Medical science labels about 150 different PMS symptoms and one would think a permanent cure for all of us could have been found, regardless of which symptom we experience! Such is not my findings.

I have been working as a therapist in private practice for over 15 years and have decided to research PMS from a different standpoint. I found every woman is very unique even though we all have a hormonal system that medicine would like to treat identically.

After having grappled with PMS myself and finding no cure through conventional medicine, I undertook my own introspection on a path to find a permanent solution. Having succeeded, I then started investigating the subject with women experiencing very diversified PMS symptoms.

Whether it was Anna who was afraid to lose control of her anger while she was menstruating, or Josette, who had not menstruated for over a year and a half, or even Carmen, whose cycles were reducing in length from one month to the next, to the point of bleeding every day, each one found a cure that turned out to be very intimate, personal and unique.

I borrowed an exercise from Neurolinguistic Programming to elucidate the monthly beast. The result? Once every woman finds the hidden message that PMS is trying to convey to her, a healing at some level happens and at best, the disappearance of symptoms. For some women it was overnight, for others it took examining few cycles to get to the depth of the symptoms.

Here is a bonus for the reader if you want to explore at home on your own. At the top of a blank page, name your symptom, ranging from a headache down to your troubled relationship with whomever and write it down as a ‘label’. I suggest you do this exercise for each major symptom.

On the left side of the sheet, under the word ‘sufferings’ write all the symptom(s) you are most plagued with during the month; some women go through the same pains month after month and others see their sufferings change from one month to the next.

After you finished writing your list of sufferings, on the right side of your page, write the word “pleasure(s)” at the top and ponder. Yes, introspect and find what is really going on.

I propose to every woman they look at the pleasure(s) hiding behind their PMS. At first each one of these women thought the idea being absolutely farfetched, even ridiculous. With a little silent introspection and a desire to find the truth, after listing all the sufferings their PMS provokes every time, the women started to see there could be a benefit of some kind, hence finally making the link with what our subconscious is trying to reveal we have to do about certain issues in our life.

  •  Francoise got rid of her “not wanting to be touched” for a week.

  •  Josette started menstruating again after 1 year and a half without cycles.

  •  Diane understood why some months she cried and some others she was so angry.

  •  Josee put an end to her devastating shopping sprees.

  • Carmen stopped months of daily bleeding.

  •  And so on, and on, and on…

I also discovered PMS as a hideout for all that we have not attended in our recent or ancient past. It feels as if when life decides we should be ready to deal with an old ghost long hiding in our closet, our soul will make numerous attempts at letting us know we have some cleanup to do. Are we attending to it? I would say not the majority of the time!

There are women who suffer from PMS in relation to atrocious childhood experiences, others start their symptoms after age 30 due to their relationship, job dissatisfaction, or forceful passion to be or do something different, often times letting societal pressure dictate what that should be. I think the only pressure we should listen to is our higher Self - our higher values about life and its nature. The rest only encumbers the success of our mission on earth.

I hope to have created an approach that will guide every woman to contemplate on her own and see the change operate in front of her consciousness. I hope to be able to compare my own findings to Dr. Deepak Chopra’s belief that:

“A mind capable of erecting such obstacles must be able to destroy them” and “When patients experience a conversion, it is their perspective on things in their lives that transform, not the facts themselves.”

When I started researching PMS and its realities, nothing was written about linking PMS with our invisible world or our subconscious. I have become convinced that there is little cost to finally heal this beast. On the other hand, there is a great cost for not taking it seriously and not attending to the messages PMS is trying to deliver.

This is a new path to all women who desire to become more conscious and acknowledge they are co-creators of their life, not only their success but their health at all levels.

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