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Twelve Keys to Leading a Psychic Life

Lorrie Kazan

Lorrie Kazan

1. Donít worry about what other people think. Donít worry about fitting in. (Chances are you donít fit in; but remember that other people donít necessarily hear or see the amount of things you do.)

2. Stay connected to a higher power. Connect with Source. Practice the Presence. (This is where our information comes from and what ultimately makes the difference and keeps us sane.)

3. Spend time in nature. It will keep you connected with higher vibrations and right priorities and help you remember who you are and what you are. It keeps connection to Source alive and real. (And remember, if you have a high level of sensitivity, you are constantly processing so much information of which you may not even be consciously aware.)

4. Donít worry about being right. Simply tune in and express what you get. Things don't always make sense in the moment and are proven out over time.

5. Meditate: Withdraw from group speak and connect deeply with higher vibration. Sensitive people sometimes lose their focus around too much noise. This is another reason for spending time in nature. Nature has a sound but it's more restorative than degenerative.

6. Donít force information on people who havenít asked. It wears you both out. You can't give someone something they don't want. People used to get angry at me for the same information they now pay me for.

7. Have patience.

8. Practice kindness.

9. Sleep is restorative. Record your dreams.

10. Process or interact with your dreams. Taking an active part in your inner life helps develop and nurture a true sense of self. We do NOT want to be projecting our issues onto others. There's a big difference between projecting and sharing.

11. Be amused.

12. Feed your senses with art, literature, music, earth and trees. Itís hard to extend your senses if theyíre undernourished. You canít give from an empty or anorexic cup. Imagine an overflow.

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Lorrie Kazan


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