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January 25 , 2007
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The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes:

Flood, Fire, and Famine in the History of Civilization

by Richard Firestone, Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith

Book Summary by Noble. Augusta

The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes (Bear & Co.) is not a book for the faint of heart; it is true to its title. In an easy to read manner, three vetted scientists bring ancient myths and geological facts into, possibly, the most concise picture of our planet's history ever presented.

These authors, one a nuclear scientist, one an international scientific consultant, and one a field and mineral geologist, along with some of their equally well-schooled friends, tell a beautiful, seamless story of creation. They have accurately collected ancient stories and myths of previous "worlds" and met them with hard, geological facts. The result is a believable validation of intrigue and drama that puts Creationists and Scientists on equal footing.

Imagine a super-nova bursting 44,000 years ago, hurling its debris and energies through space and into our solar-system. According to the science presented, influence of this far off and long-ago event has not yet stopped. Around the time of its initial explosion, the magnetic field on this planet nearly reversed itself and most of life on one whole continent ended.

This was just from that initial blast, light-years away. During the next 28,000 years, as the middle of the blast surrounded the earth, the effects blanketed our globe with a huge increase of radio-carbon, wobbled the magnetic field into near reversal several times, killed off most of the worlds mega-fauna, and left some of the most interesting trace ever found.

At the level of Clovis-man, at about 13,000 years ago, something happened that killed almost all life, then simply covered up the remains. Each and every Clovis-site found was covered by a thick blanket of dead algae and contained tiny metallic spheres of cosmic origin measuring in the micro-millimeters.

These spheres, nearly invisible to the naked eye, rained down at three to four thousand miles per hour! Imagine being safely under a rock over-hang and seeing everything outside simply collapse and die, for no apparent reason. These tiny spheres, that have been found inside the skulls of now-extinct north-American horses and deeply embedded in mammoth tusks tell of a terrible day.

When these microscopic ball-bearings collided with the Clovis-era, nearly anything and anyone exposed, died. Those things that remained alive were no more than a few cells of algae, which quickly multiplied and spread over everything, creating the thick black mat now found to cover an entire era. Once that mat formed, no evidence of life appears again for thousands of years.

Ancient myths and creation stories speak fire coming from the sky, earth tremors, floods and few survivors. Those left to tell of the horror began by saying that only a few people heard the warnings of God and took action. After reading this amazing collection of information, this author is left with an open mouth, wondering if the troubles of the planet, the hurricanes and floods and droughts are, again, the voice of God, warning us of the arrival of the back-side of that super-nova of 44,000 years ago. Perhaps, a little work on trusting our own intuition is in order, it may be our only defense.

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