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November 12, 2007
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The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

The Mayan Calendar

By Carl Johan Calleman

( Bear & Company )

Book Summary by Mimi Hoke

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The Mayan calendar is based on a philosophy of natural rhythms that are in synch with the cosmic plan and, therefore, prophetic. The structure and cycles of the calendar reveal the time plan for the evolution of human consciousness, and correlate with the wave patterns of significant historical events.

Human thoughts and actions are being affected by the cosmic energies that are guiding evolution. We are essentially channelers of the cosmic plan.

I ) Legacy of the Maya

The classical Mayan culture existed between 250 and 900 in southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. The post-classical culture ended in 1223 with the collapse of Chichen Itza. The Mayan culture and calendar are based on 13 creativity cycles described as Heavens, and 9 consciousness levels defined as Underworlds, often depicted as steps on a pyramid.

II ) The Thirteen Heavens

The calendar used to track long passage of time is called the Long Count; it began August 11, 3114 BCE and ends Dec. 21, 2012. It is based on the number 13 (as all Mayan calendars are) which represent the 13 Heavens or steps of creation, each influenced by a creation deity.

The odd numbers are female and nurturing, and the odd numbers are male and warlike. Each Heaven is based on 360-day cycles called tuns.

Historically, the Long Count began around the time the first nation was established in Egypt (3100 BCE) and oldest pyramid built in Crete (2975 BCE). After development of class societies and rulers which indicated spiritual separation and lack of oneness, the idea of 'the Fall' appeared in many different traditions, and is represented as the World Tree by the Mayans.

The Great Cycle calendar is a corrected calendar (explained in Chapter 7) representing spiritual energy shifts. It began in 3115 BCE and ends Oct. 28, 2011, and is based 13 Heavens, 7 odd-numbered and 6 even-numbered.

The odd-numbered are periods of creativity and the even-numbered are periods of rest. Each Heaven is roughly 394 years long and composed of 260-day cycles that are called the Tzolkin.

III ) The Cosmology of the World Tree

The World Tree is depicted by a cross representing the center of the cosmos and the four directions of the world which are associated with different energies.

The energies generated by the Four Directions control different time cycles and periods in history. Using a hypothetical midline of the planet running through longitude 12 degrees East (through central Europe and central Africa) with the cross-arms at the equator, major historical events can be correlated to the energy shifts occurring with the progression from one Heaven to the next.

At the beginning of odd-numbered Heavens, movement is away from the center, such as the expansion of the Roman Empire and the Viking raids. During transition to even-numbered Heavens, the movement is toward the midline such as the Mongols reaching Europe.

The wave-like pattern occurred simultaneously all over the world, creating a sense of both separation and unity, and often resulting in major conflicts about right and wrong.

The left and right brain are reflections of the east and west hemispheres of the earth. The Western Hemisphere is depicted as 'male', analytical, and sequential logic.

The Eastern Hemisphere is depicted as 'female', intuitive, wholeness-oriented, and artistic. Where we live affects our individual consciousness. Although there is interaction between the left and right brain and Eastern and Western Hemispheres, they are not integrated.

The polarizing effect has created "an inner sense of dissatisfaction in the modern mind, an experience of not being whole".

Mental activities have a strong relationship with the energies of the earth and cosmos. The human brain in a relaxed or meditative state has brain waves (alpha waves) in the same range as those of the earth's crust and mantle. Mental concentration displays frequencies that correspond to the core of the earth, while deep sleep corresponds to the Van Allen Belt above the earth.

The World Tree is anchored in the World Mountain at the center of the earth, which is represented by Mayan pyramids and mounds. The term Underworlds for consciousness levels could be derived from the structure of the earth's inner core.

It is speculated that the Hartmann and Curry lines are projections of a consciousness grid from the World Mountain, and correspondingly our brains are covered by a consciousness grid.

A person's thinking and creativity may depend on proper resonation with the earth that may, in modern times, be negatively impacted by the extensive use of alternating current.

IV ) God and the Historical Religions

The Mayan culture was monotheistic, with various deities representing different manifestations of One Intelligence. However, throughout history the myths about 'The Fall' and expulsion from the Garden of Eden have affected most religions and created a duality or separation from God.

Major religious developments occurred during odd-numbered Heavens, most notably with Jesus and Christianity at the beginning of the 9th Heaven. During the current 13th Heaven, there has been progress toward a more universal, transcendent view of God.

The 13 Heavens represent the 7 days (even-numbered) and 6 nights (odd-numbered) of God's creation that is a part of the teachings of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Creation stories from different parts of the world are the same, and if God's creation is universal, we must be children of the same God.

The process of creation goes through periods of light and darkness, but with divine purpose. Our lives will have greater meaning to the extent that we can align with the greater purpose of ongoing creation which is in God's control. The Mayan calendar does not support any one religion, but rather the exploration of spiritual reality.

V ) The Nine Underworlds

The nine Underworlds are levels of consciousness or development associated with crystalline structures in the earth's inner core. They are represented hierarchically in a pyramid structure of nine stories. The lowest level dates back 15-16 billion years ago with the 'Big Bang' and is referred to as the Cellular level.

The succeeding levels and their initiating event are: Mammalian (first animals), Familial (first primates), Tribal (first humans), Regional (spoken language), National (written language), Planetary (Industrialism), Galactic (?) and Universal (?).

The Galactic Underworld, that began January 5, 1999, is expected to be defined by a consciousness that transcends materialism, involving telepathy and genetic technology.

The Universal Underworld, that will begin February 11, 2011 and end 260 days later, is expected to bring about a level of consciousness with no limiting thoughts, timelessness, no organizing boundaries and lasting peace.

Since each succeeding Underworld is shorter than the last but goes through the energy changes of the 13 Heavens, each new Underworld is associated with an increasing frequency or pace of creation, and a specific yin/yang polarity.

The nine Underworlds are evolving rhythmically from physical creation to increasingly more spiritual levels. The different levels of consciousness build on each other, and all Underworlds from Cellular to Universal will be completed at the same time on October 28, 2011.

Man is considered the result of the divine creation cycles rather than biological evolution. Mayan myth says that man was born out of the World Tree. Historically the first human beings appeared in central Africa just east of the mythical World Tree.

The human seems to follow the Tzolkin pattern of creation, which is 13 x 20 or 260. A human has 13 major joints, 20 toes and fingers, 20 amino acids, and 260 distinct cell types.

The thoughts of God are like a holographic transmission of information using the galaxy and the earth as relays, with the polarity of the hemispheres of our brains as antennas. For the last 400 years capitalism has been the controlling energy, and, with it, an emphasis on economic system of numbers and individual prosperity.

Recent study of the Mayan Calendar has focused on its end date of the calendar, which is insignificant out of context. The calendar represents the evolution of consciousness and a path to enlightenment with no separation between us and divine reality.

The Mayan Calendar goes back 16 billion years, before numbers and materialism, but there was an Intelligence then, the source of all evolution. To be enlightened - to be co-creators with God - we need to understand and be in synch with this evolution.

VI ) The Tzolkin

The 260-day Tzolkin cycle is a pattern for the unfolding of creation energy, and a microcosm of the longer creation cycles. Each day is identified by a number (1-13) and a deity symbol (total of 20). Each 20-day cycle is called a uinal, and the uinals alternate to form the 7 day and 6 night creation cycles.

Each day, uinal and Tzolkin cycle has its own energy representing a specific point in evolution. The Mayan calendar is made up of cycles within cycles within cycles, with daily events affected by the shorter cycles and historical events affected by longer ones.

VII ) The Galactic Underworld

The Underworlds have different energies, and the current Galactic Underworld, which began January 5, 1999, will be associated with a shift to right-brain activity and focused in the East (India, China, and Russia) with emphasis on spiritual energy.

It is believed that this shift in the polarity of consciousness is what Edgar Cayce meant when he said that around years 2000-2001, "When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins".

The current economy based on Information Technology was developed more by intuition than by the scientific method, and will evolve with greater sensitivity to spiritual consciousness.

The evolution will be against nationalism, materialism, and political dominance, and toward oneness, wholeness and balance - of the two hemispheres of the brain and the world.

The dominance of the world by the Western Hemisphere will end. Indications of this evolution are the European Union and the current stateless, ideological terrorism against the West.

Although the energy shift may be violent, in the end there will be equality and balance across the planet. How quickly this occurs is influenced by how quickly every person resolves the right-left brain conflict within themselves and become aware of our divine consciousness.

Day 5 of the Galactic Underworld (approximately year 2007) is expected to be unifying with a new expression of Christ-consciousness, most likely as an energy change that makes us whole, as individuals and as a society.

Night 5 of the Galactic Underworld (approximately year 2008) will be a major 'down' cycle with major blows to the capitalist economy and the international monetary system, as those in power make a final effort to retain dominance and materialist values.

This is in synch with the 5th Night of the prior Underworlds. During the National Underworld, the Roman economy collapsed. During the Planetary Underworld, we had the Great Depression, WWII, and the Holocaust. However, any 'Apocalypse' during the Galactic Underworld is expected to be in the social, spiritual, or psychological consequences of the value change.

By the end of the Galactic Underworld, the frequency change in consciousness will allow us to see spiritual reality and understand our place in the civilizations of the galaxy.

The date of the end of the Underworlds is debated, but believed by the author to be the end of the Great Cycle, based on the Tzolkin energy shifts, which would be Oct. 28, 2011.

The Long Count, which ends Dec. 21, 2012, is based on an old tradition that says the calendar started when the sun was at its zenith at a certain location, which would seem to have no relevance globally.

VIII ) The History of the Human Mind

Each new Underworld is a higher and higher level on the cosmic pyramid, with increasing frequency of change making it more difficult for individuals to continue with life as usual.

The high-frequency spiritual pulses of light, which began around 1999 with the Galactic Underworld, are in conflict with materialistic values, and generate stress and burn-out in those not aligned with the divine plan.

We must choose lives that unify body and spirit, and create balance individually and globally. With this healing, we will experience fuller lives and deeper satisfaction with a spiritual worldview.

Peace can be achieved by transforming all minds to this unitary consciousness, and spreading the knowledge of the cosmic plan. If peace is not achieved by the deadline (Oct. 28, 2011), mankind may destroy itself.

The cosmic plan, which directs the way creation is supposed to evolve, is pointing us away from the dualist mindset of right and wrong, good and bad. Those who hold onto old values and thinking will be defeated; those in alignment with the divine process of creation are the victors.

The healing of humanity, in preparation for the enlightened consciousness, is indicated by the rejection of the dualist thinking, e.g., increased diversity of family structure, intolerance of abusive relationships, and therapies aimed at forgiveness of self.

Developing intuition and telepathy will prepare us for the unity; spreading the word in service to others will help prepare all of humanity for enlightenment.

The cosmic time plan defines the limits of our fee will and creativity. Although thoughts, prayers, visualizations, etc. can have some effect, it is only within the limits of the cosmic plan at that time. The plan of the Creator will be manifest and humans cannot manipulate it.

Our freedom is to become enlightened, to set goals consistent with the plan, creating ourselves into images of the Divine. The choices that humanity makes, collectively, will affect the creation of the planet.

Although the end result of the plan is not known, those on the enlightened path will have portals to broader consciousness opened at crucial times.

It is not a Judgment Day scenario separating the good and bad, but rather about individual choice to follow the plan and develop the intuition to be in the right place at the right time, with a goal of unity and peace.

IX ) The Completion of the Cosmic Plan

Enlightenment produces a state of joy, with freedom from inner conflicts, direct contact with the Divine, and with a strong desire to spread happiness and enlightenment.

If we all share the same mind, then it is the same mind that needs to be enlightened. It is not a matter of an individual seeking enlightenment for his personal good, but a desire to fulfill the divine plan for the good of all mankind.

With the progression through the transformations of each Underworld, there are fewer lessons to learn, less desire for duality and the associated fears, and fewer filters to the passage of divine light.

The dominance of the left-brain with the emphasis on linear time and science is ending, and being superseded by the right-brain and the Eastern focus on spirituality and stillness.

The possibility for human beings to be channels and expressions of the divine is increasing. There are only two Underworlds remaining; the Galactic will prepare and unify mankind, and the Universal is about attaining enlightenment - to allow global equality and peace.

The universe will be seen as "a web of creative, interconnected energies of time and space on different hierarchical levels". The cosmos is alive, and spirit and matter are related, based on the divine plan.

The earth has an energy grid, a relay for transmission of comic information, and is in rhythm with the energy changes between the Heavens. With enlightenment, our perception of reality will see the earth as part of the spiritual web and not a place to be polluted or exploited.

The Maya closely studied the Venus cycles as symbols of death and rebirth. The passages of Venus in front of the Sun usually happen in pairs. The last pair occurred in 1874/1882, and the most recent cycle is June 8, 2004 and June 6, 2012.

The Venus transit in 2012 is being described as a "rallying point for oneness". Through meditation, those participating can contribute to the emerging intuition and telepathy among all people.

The Universal Underworld in 2011 will be the fulfillment of the purpose of all creation. With enlightenment, we will all understand the cosmic plan and each other, and also recognize our own divinity. The ego and linear sense of time, which characterized a world of imbalance and duality, will not survive.

For unitary consciousness to be achieved, everyone must defeat their egos and surrender to the divine plan. Once accomplished, it is expected that "we will be able to fully experience the unity with All That Is moment to moment", with "true and complete healing and forgiveness of the past".

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