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August 10, 2007
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Experiments in Past Life Regression

Experiments in Past Life Regression

By Georgia Edwards


Hindsight certainly is golden. Since I started my educational journey at Atlantic University, I have learned that almost everything I have done and am about to do has some past life association.

I always felt there was “more” to me than what meets the eye. Thank goodness for that statement. As mere mortals, we can be caught up in only what we see reflected in the mirror.

As a young child, I could remember flashes of “things” that would seem odd, but thought it was just my imagination. I dreamed of places that felt familiar, yet in a foreign land. I had a purple room adorned with peacock feathers, a variety of bells, Native American charms and a poster of Elvis. I seemed to be interested in different parts of the world than my friends.

I was interested in Tibet, India, the Grand Canyon, London, and France. My friends were more intrigued with America and its colonization and Connie Francis. I thought they were boring and uneventful.

As my short life has evolved, experiences have repeated them selves time and again. The foods I like, the smells that curl my stomach, the type of clothing I wear or don’t wear, places I have visited or emotional learning; lessons that continue to plague me until I finally “get it”. I have observed many of these without really looking at them until I had my first near death in 1992.

I grasped, for the first time, the enormous soul and all of its dimensional levels. My eyes were opened to how my soul is the grand scale puzzle, with each life time a particular piece. Each piece comes with multi-layers of connections to others that replay somewhere, in another time.

Shortly after the NDE, I met someone who assisted me in understanding this event. I attended a week long spirit camp where I met others of like mind.

My head was spinning with all the new people I met, the ideas they discussed and shared similar out-of-body experiences  They recommended that I do some past life regressions, as it would help me understand myself and how I fit within my life choices.

I found a trained hypno-therapist. She was well respected in the community and had quite a bit of experience in regressions. She asked me to think of a person or place that I needed most to understand.

My first past life regression pertained to my ex husband. (A little background. He left me for a younger woman who had no responsibilities. We had two young children, lots of college debt and a less than perfect commonality).

The regression took all of 30 minutes but felt like it was hours. I took some deep breaths to reduce the speed of my heart beat. I am nervous as this is a first regression for me. The administrator continued to talk me into a hypnotic state.

When I felt a “shift”, I looked at my feet. I saw I was a man, about 1700’s. I could see what I was wearing, smell the country side and hear other voices. The administrator then directed me to see what else was in the picture. I saw a woman; oh so beautiful, dark hair, wearing white light weight clothing-a wedding dress.

I recognized the woman as my present ex husband and the man as ME. WOW, I was surprised. As the story goes, we have one child and I, the husband, am very attentive. There is money here and land to watch over. Her family’s fortune. As a second child appeared, I began to be a little less attentive, more excuses for leaving for days at a time. I was philandering in surrounding communities.

I would always come back full of apologies. When the third baby came, I went out to check on the acreage and never came back. I left the woman stranded with the children, the work and holding the bag, so to speak.

When I was no longer in the hypnotic state, I sobbed so hard, my sides hurt. “How could I have done something like that?” is all I could ask. After much discussion with the facilitator, I realized my ex and I just traded places. I felt, this time, what he felt another time.

My forgiveness for his actions in this life time became immediate. I even went so far as to personally, face to face, apologize for my disparaging words, cruel and destructive actions and promised only to think highest and best for him and his wife.

I am not sure if there is a correlation here, but the rheumatoid arthritis loosened its grip shortly after this experience.

My therapy continued but more from a bio-feedback viewpoint. I needed arthritis pain relief so we concentrated on healing meditations rather than more regression work. I became very adept at leaving the physical world behind to go into a “space” of calm to ease the joints, even if it was for a moment.

The second regression came by pure chance. While meditating, I began hearing sounds. They were gun shots, war whoops and neighing horses. In my mind’s eye, I looked at my feet to discover I was lying low in high prairie grass. I was a Native American man, wearing tan colored buckskin.

There was a raid going on in our camp. The people were being killed. Women and children were running around trying to hide from the blue coated soldiers. The teepees were being burned faster than anyone could fathom.

The elders just sat praying to their Gods. As I watched this massacre, I saw two other men out in the fields gathering seeds and medicines with me. We lied still, almost holding our breath, until the soldiers were gone and out of sight.

I quickly went to find the maiden I was to marry that afternoon. She died in my arms with my promise to see her again. She is now my present husband, Jim. I have also found one of the men from that lifetime who was in the field with me.

Coincidently, both my husband and I are intrigued with Native American culture and live in the south west of the United States.

These regressions showed me the complexity of our soul and the cause and effect living each life time has upon each other. The NDE showed me the multiple dimensional ways the grid of our life is woven together.

I can liken it to a very high pile of multiple spider webs, piling upon one another with strings floating, unattached to anything, yet seemingly attached to a source of light as its center. (Imagine a spider web you may see early morning, sparkling with dew as the sun gently kisses it with its rays of light.) The web strands have bumps along its trail.

As I discovered more and more past lives and worked through forgiveness of myself and those who were incased in that bump, the bump disappeared. The strand becomes clean and clear with a high musical note.

My interpretation is that I am living many lives at one time, with many souls whom I have already met. We are just working out the details of our web design-- a mandala perhaps.

As a younger woman, I always felt so needy. I wanted to be the center of attention. After I had the first NDE, I began to look at the dimensional me. It was not pretty.

That me was high maintenance with daily doses of self pity and continued self destructive acts that would get “attention,” as there was no time for joy. I was anticipating my next health and personal set back.

In my search for inspiration, one of the very first books to fall off the store shelves was, “The Road Less traveled” by M. Scott Peck, M.D.. I read that book twice before I allowed myself to put it down. “Since love is work, the essence of nonlove is laziness.” “What, I am not lazy!” I am married, two kids, a student, a seeker, a this and a that.

I had to stop right in my tracks as I experienced unconditional love through the NDE but did not live love. I had conditions. I had expectations. I had levels and levels of hurt. I was so fear based.

I was caught up in the day to day life dealing with painful rheumatoid arthritis. Why me?  Fortunately, the therapist showed me ways to begin living again through sessions I had with her.

One of the more difficult tasks I had to look at was how a past life would fit into my religious beliefs. I was of a Lutheran faith, yet they did not believe there was more to what the human is other than the right now.

The NDE showed me differently, but also confused my belief system. How can this even remotely be happening or possible if I have been taught the ways of the Bible? 

How can something else exist in a world of facts, figures and truths I have been led to believe that this could be possible?  I seemed satisfied with my isms, but now my eyes were opened to another aspect of life and living.

Other cultures became important. I finally started reading about the places I was interested in as a young child. I had a chance to visit India, Nepal and Tibet in 1996.

That three week trip turned my little world upside down. We visited the Tibetan Potalla during holy week, witnessed sunrises in the Nepalese Mountains and had a private visit with his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I felt the energy at the Buddhist temples while I turned the prayer wheels. I found home. It was the catalyst of discovering how I fit in my world with these NDE experiences, hearing my guide’s voices, and it answered my questions about why I was on planet Earth.

The icing on the cake was the Atlantic University’s class, ‘World Religions”. This helped me sift through the doctrines, teachings and practices of many religions, to define my own belief systems.

With this in hand, I observe, I honor and I respect an individual’s words as that leads to how much time they need to create their opportunity in this life.

Each person lives out their destiny/fate with the choices made. So, in some aspects the past life therapy is important, but not enough to be the sum of all we are.

I have read Henry Leo Bolduc, Henry Reed, Brian Weiss, Morris Netherton, and Raymond Moody extensively. They all have a similar means of self hypnosis, an ability to gain personal knowledge that can bridge our personality to our soul’s endeavors.

Each believes in breathing deeply with some added relaxing techniques for the enhanced experience. They have set the foundation for other hypno-therapists to assist seekers in opening their Akashic Record Book for insights that pertain to the present life and living.

Down the road a piece now, I know there is more to me than my personality. I have been given such opportunities to develop and strengthen the low self to work with the high Self. The personality and the soul connection.

I have learned many of my downfalls as well as my assets. The regressions have given me insight into the totality of who I am.

The latest regression I did was with a Brian Weiss Compact disc. I somehow managed to go in-between life times. I saw a vertical light approach me. It took me to a very long closet filled with hanging costumes, hats, and shoes.

The outfits seemed familiar, in a way. Then, when I picked out what I wanted, the energy took me to a cocktail party like setting. It pointed to 4 vertical lights. It said, “You, you, you and you.”  I saw them as my two husbands and two children.

They game me a suitcase filled with everything I needed and down the slide I came into the earth’s energy field. The next thing I saw were angels talking to my mother’s belly with me inside.

They are telling me what I will be doing, when it will happen and most importantly, that they will always be with me. I should never be afraid. I do remember the birthing process with detail. I even called my mother to ask her certain questions.

The long and short of my past life regression work simply tells me to be responsible for my actions as karma builds way too quickly. I can only imagine what living without the possibility of not creating karma can be like.

It has a peace of mind, warmth of heart and an easy serene mind. My NDE and regressions help ME to understand that my soul never dies. There is a chance I will see my loved ones again. I have discovered just the tip of the iceberg of more than the eye reflects in the mirror.

To contact Georgia Edwards: gewizaz@msn.com

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