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January 15, 2008
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The End of Eden:

The Comet That Changed Civilization

The End of Eden

By Graham Phillips

( Published by Bear & Company )

Commentary by Noble Augusta

Up until about 1425 BC, there was no organized warfare on this planet, that men lived peacefully, together, and that they worked, peacefully, together on projects that took up to two thousand years to complete.

That's a lot for me to take in and I have had to start at the beginning of the book, now, three times just to make sure I am not reading this wrong. I am not always kept so involved with a book, but, it's so interesting to think about what this one says and what it implies.

Graham Phillips centers his book around sites of antiquity near his home. Greater Ancient Britannia plays host to a lot of curious stone works and I have wondered what kind of people could create such heavy-weight monuments and leave so little trace of themselves or their intentions. This book helped to answers some of my questions.

I knew Stonehenge was older than anyone could remember and that the Barrows were burial sites, but, I did not know that these relics took the work of thousands of peoples to create them over such an extremely long period of time.

These people left upended stones weighing several tons each, some with serious tonnage balanced on top, for us walk amongst, but no history of themselves or why they did what they did. I am amazed by that.

Just as I was about to get comfortable with realizing Stonehenge took two thousand years to complete, and that, in all that time, none of the many hundreds of generations of people working on this one particular project, felt the need to defend themselves against anything or anyone, Phillips dropped an even bigger bomb on top of my mind.

I ask you to step inside my imagination and imagine a world with no violence. Imagine what it would be like for a small town of fifty to a hundred people to host Woodstock, every day for two thousand years with no reason for anyone, at any time, to feel the need for town safety.

Let your mind get around a kind of Eden where everyone got along and folks lived in harmony with each other.

Imagine this utopia is in every place of human habitation around the globe. OK, imagine something like Haley's comet streaking across the sky. Everyone would turn out to watch a magnificent star together. Maybe there were campfires and cook-outs. Maybe there was drumming and dancing and celebration.

People would be looking into the night sky, maybe even the day sky, and watching this huge, unusual brightness, imagining for themselves what it might mean. Can you imagine this?

With the bliss of ignorance in mind, imagine waking up one beautiful morning and thinking about this wonderful thing in the heavens and suddenly wanting to kill your peaceful neighbor. According to Graham's research, that is just about what happened.

For over two thousand years, his evidence shows people worked together, harmoniously, doing the incredibly labor intensive work of finding, moving and creating tons of gigantic stone monolithic projects and the next moment they began to war against each other. It boggles my senses.

As I read further I found that the story of sudden warfare was not indicative of any one place on the planet.  Stories and histories of far off China and Japan, India and South America all have this in common: everyone got along, there was a star or comet in the sky, when it passed nothing was the same and might became right.

"The End of Eden" would have us believe that a comet caused a change in the way human brains understood things. Perhaps, that comet put the extra dose of radiant irritant in our air that caused people to choose the aggravation of war over peace.

I try to think of a thing, as far away as science tells us comets generally are, that would influence the way my mind actually perceives things, so quickly and completely as to make me, a middle class person in America, suddenly want to kill anybody. I cannot.

Even with my, so-called, wild imagination, I cannot imagine any situation that would make me want to kill overnight, much less make my entire neighborhood take up arms against one another or gang up against other neighborhoods. I just cannot imagine it, but, that's what happened.

There is, also, quite a bit of proving evidence scattered around the world. Graham takes us on a tour of stories, written by the earth, about the earth and her life.

If, what I understand this book to be saying is correct in its content, and true, then, something extraordinary became possible. Was it a flash, like a nuclear bomb going off, or a long lasting shower of sparks drifting down, into our atmosphere that caused such a shift in consciousness?

Did it come upon humanity like a dream-turned-nightmare? If this thing can happen once, it can happen again. I don't think of myself as a fatalist. I believe the continuation of consciousness is involved with the truth of our being ness.

I believe the flip-side of the word "evolution" is "mutation", too. If a world wide event happened as complete and as fast as the event in Graham Phillips' book, then, it could not have been comfortable. The tales of this same story from so many far-flung places all at one time in the earth's history are compelling. Something happened and it was big.

This is the first time I have put some of these stories into this order. My mind is filled up with images of the comets of late, the fast approaching Mayan end date, the earthquakes and fires and floods and the very uncomfortable understanding that this very same comet is on its way back around.

It is due back pretty soon, about the year 2024. Give or take fifty years for time drift over several millenniums and the year comes close enough for me to the year 2012 to make me shift in my chair.

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