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May 17, 20088
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The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind

By Barbara Hand Clow

Book Summary by Michelle Cook


Chapter One – The Mayan Calendar

The agricultural domestication of maize around 7000 years ago marks the beginning of the Mayan fascination with time.  They linked the development of maize with their stories of origin included in the Popol Vuh, the Mayan Bible.  The long count of the Mayan Calendar began around 3,113 BC at which time the Mayans, as well as other ancient civilizations, began temple building.  It describes 5,125 years of history ending in 2011 AD.

Much to the surprise of modern man, the formal investigation of the calendar has led to an understanding of how advanced the Mayan civilization actually was.  Today’s Mayan descendants still mark the days of the calendar with ritual and respect.  

Unlike the Roman calendar, the Mayan Calendar actually evolves through ever decreasing cycles of time.  The long count, 5,125 years, divides into thirteen distinct cycles; in turn it is one of thirteen Underworld cycles.  The thirteen cycles of the long count are measured in ascending order of 13 hablatuns, 13 alautuns, 13 Kinchiltuns, 13 kalabtuns, 13 piktuns, 13 baktuns, 13 katuns, 13 tuns, and 13 uinals.  The basic time measurement of the tun is 360 days long.  Thus making our current calendar year 5 days longer than a Mayan calendar year.

The resulting time quotients, based on the thirteen underworlds, expand on an increasingly plausible theory that the missing link in human evolution may not be a missing link at all, but a result of accelerated time at the end of each underworld. 

Archaeologists are discovering that the Mayan culture was highly advanced in the sciences of mathematics and astronomy.  As the calendar came under deeper scrutiny and the underworlds were translated into current terminology, many researchers began to see that modern man is a culmination of each of the processes of evolution as laid out by the calendar.

According to Mayan scholar, John Major Jenkins, the ancients developed a dual cosmology system that worked in conjunction with the Pleiades star system and the galactic center of our galaxy.  It is thus thought that the Mayan Underworlds were calculated from star charting with the point of reference as the black hole of the galactic core, which appears to be the only stationary point in the sky over vast periods of time.  It was with this cosmology that the Mayan Calendar was recorded in word and finally in writing.  The Mayans began recording time on steles, long thin wedges of stone, and thus the physical marking of time began for them.  The discovery and research of such a system is referred to archeoastronomy.

From stories handed down from her grandfather, Barbara Hand Clow heard the stories of the Cherokee people whose legends were similar to the Mayan stories.  Above all he spoke of the great cataclysmic flood of 11,500 years ago, which initiated the need for a calendar as a way to chart the course of human endeavor.


Chapter Two – Organic Time

Carl Johan Calleman, a Swedish Biologist, was the first to clarify the significance of the patterns between evolutionary theory and the Mayan Calendar.  He called the Mayan Long Count, a cycle of 5125 years which ends in 2011 AD, the National Underworld.

The calendar works on the theory of nine parallel underworlds.  Each underworld consists of thirteen units. The earliest date of the calendar is 16.4 billion years ago.  He notes that the calendar works on a vigesimal system, based on multiplication by 20, and he believes that evolutionary growth is driven by intelligent design.

The widely accepted version of evolution, Darwinism, operates with the process of natural selection, which doesn’t quite explain many of the evolutionary jumps in the human species.  Including the theory of intelligent design within the evolutionary cycle, the nine underworlds of the Mayan Calendar point to the belief in divine guidance.  Examples are visible everywhere in the sacred geometry of the universe.  In fact, intelligent design does not thwart Darwinism, but enhances it by adding a spiritual dimension to the basic facts of the natural world.

The steles in Coba depict mathematic increments of time, which closely coincide with our current understanding of time progression.  Calleman’s model of the nine underworlds of creation follows this pattern of measurement from billions of years to days:

Nine Underworlds

Universal Underworld        13 Uinals260 days Cosmic Consciousness

Galactic Underworld13 Tuns12.8 years Galactic consciousness

Planetary Underworld13 Katuns256 years Global consciousness

National Underworld13 Baktuns5,125 years Civilized consciousness

Regional Underworld13 Piktuns102,000 yrs Human consciousness

Tribal Underworld13 Kalabtuns2 million yrs Hominid consciousness

Familial Underworld13 Kinchiltuns42 million yrs Anthropoid consciousness

Mammalian Underworld13 Alatuns820 M yrs Mammalian consciousness

Cellular Underworld13 Hablatuns16.4 billion yrs Cellular consciousness

According to Calleman we are currently in the Galactic underworld.  The 5,125 years of the National Underworld, which operates concurrently with the Galactic Underworld, therefore the Long Count and the great year, 3113 BC, are within the same time frame.

Now add to that the Tzolkin Calendar, which is the 260-day daily calendar of the Mayan culture.  The tun, which is 360 days long, represents the divine and the Tzolkin represents daily life.  They are both calendars, but one measures vast amounts of time and the other smaller increments.  What is important is that they resonate together, creating a co-vibration, which makes sense when considering that the final underworld is only 260 days long.  Creating a type of tympanic concurrence between the tuns and the Tzolkin glyphs.  As all of the nine underworlds occur simultaneously within the ninth underworld, they create a harmony based on the 360/260-resonance factor.

The ancient Maya began using the calendar to mark the seasons, which was necessary for the domestication of maize.  They soon discovered that the calendar had other divine attributes.  As farmers they ritualized the days, noting that some were better for sacred rites and others for daily activities, such as baking, planting, sowing, etc.  Handed down through oral tradition, they became aware of the concept of time.  Time has an ending and a beginning. They soon understood that time was cyclical in nature, and they used it to map out their world.

Each of the aforementioned underworlds corresponds to an evolutionary jump in human consciousness.  This leads to the assumption that each cycle correlated with the cycles of evolution as we have come to know it.  With that the Mayan calendar becomes a representation of evolutionary progress.

According to Calleman’s theory each underworld has a creation period and an integration period within the span of each underworld’s time.  The Mayan culture represented this in their temple building principles.  Each underworld consists of 13 units of time and each unit of time consists of thirteen steps.  Many temples are built with thirteen steps, six going up, the seventh at the top, and six going down.  So these thirteen units are the nights and days of a seven-day period.  The architecture represented the work of master builders incorporating the divine into daily life. 

The tribal underworld saw the evolution of hominid consciousness, wherein it became possible to scientifically follow the path of the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest.  Between Day One and Day Seven the ancestors of modern man, homo sapiens, evolved into consciousness.  Much to the astonishment of modern science there appeared to be a shift in consciousness.  As we now understand it, the shift appears to occur with time acceleration.


Chapter Three – The Global Maritime Civilization

Clow theorizes that a sudden shift in consciousness began in the National Underworld when advanced engineering techniques were used to build enormous structures was triggered by time acceleration 5,125 years ago. Pre-cataclysm societies had been co-existing with maritime societies prior to be big flood.  Such societies would be characterized as Atlantis type societies that were swept away when the cataclysm destroyed that world.

As agricultural and maritime societies disappeared with the floodwaters, a new society scarred by the violent destruction of their world emerged and this new world was fueled by fear of another such catastrophe.

The women of the Regional Underworld were healers and teachers and the men were the hunters and ritual holders.  Those societies had no control over the forces of nature and, consequently, chose to live in union with and reverence for the natural world.  As science has advanced it has enabled us to view the distant past with much more clarity.  The discovery that our planet was home to such violent and periodic disasters has, much to our continued surprise, become clearer with each passing day.

After the devastation of the world 11,500 years ago survivors of the catastrophe began telling the stories that have been handed down, first orally, and more recently in written form.  Indeed there was such an event and the earth, bombarded by the energy from the Vela supernova cracked its shell and became an icosahedron, a twenty faced polyhedron, resembling the back of a turtle’s shell.

In the aftermath of this catastrophe, the human mind fractured creating a collective post traumatic stress disorder that we continue to struggle with to this day, as we try to process the event on a subconscious level.  Imperative to the understanding of our present level of consciousness lays the deeply buried fear generated by the original devastation.  The trauma of the event encoded onto our DNA, known as junk DNA and it will be necessary to activate it to move past the fear.

It appears that time acceleration is fostering the outgrowth of scientific theory and enmeshing it with spiritual discoveries the enable us to take a quantum leap in consciousness.  Currently we are unable to process this leap of faith, but process and accept we must for the rift that tore our world apart cannot be healed without that. 

Although some remnants of a global maritime civilization exist, such as the Osireion of Abydos and the Valley Temple of Giza, Clow believes that these advances in architecture were simply restored during the reign of the dynastic Egyptians and will someday be dated back 12,000 years

The aesthetic breakthrough during the Regional Underworld occurred on Day 5 around 37,500 years ago when humans harnessed nature’s power and manifested their dreams.  Pre dynastic Egyptians built megalithic stone structures during Day 5.  The methods of construction so precise, that they might have been using power tools, according to scientist Chris Dunn.  They buried gigantic cedar ships in enormous crypts on the Giza plateau.  Clow believes that these boats are actually artifacts from a forgotten Global Maritime civilization.  Plato’s account of the catastrophic flood has been dismissed over the millennia as fiction, but we are finding evidence that it was indeed the story of eons, passed down orally for centuries, until he began putting them in written form.

Calleman believes that each of the nine underworlds carries the charge of dual consciousness, dark vs. light, yin vs. yang, or masculine vs. feminine, operates within different hemispheres of the brain, and are influenced by the time and location of the world tree.  This suggests that consciousness moves from a state of union to a state of duality, rocking to and from in the pendulum of the human brain allowing for transformational processes that move us from Day 1 through Day 7 of each underworld.

The Universal Underworld, which begins in 2011, is only 260 days in length.  At this time the planet will once again align with the galactic core and we will operate in a state of whole brained consciousness.

Dr Felicitas Goodman discovered a series of postures that had been used for maintaining balance and attunement with the natural world.  Ancient cave art show representative work of the postures, which facilitate the deep states of meditation necessary for inter dimensional travel.


Chapter Four – Entering the Milky Way Galaxy

Remembering that John Major Jenkins hypothesized that Mayan astronomers were calculating their calendar referencing the winter solstice sun and the galactic center of our galaxy, we moved into the Galactic Underworld January 5, 1999, when our consciousness sped up twenty times faster that it was during the planetary underworld.

Day 7 of any underworld marks a period of increased fruition or a culmination of the advances up to that point.  Day 7 of the national underworld allowed for the manifestation of the time when modern man changed his understanding of the nature of the solar system.  While humans adjusted to the new theory of the earth’s revolution around the sun, ancient memories were unleashing on the populace. 

Since the beginning of the Galactic Underworld, scientists and researchers have reached the conclusion that the universe is actually speeding up it movements in space, which may eventually provide the necessary corroboration for the superstring theory, or the belief that the universe is a mass of vibrating strings throughout all of the dimensions of time and space.  Resulting in quintessence, the exertion of an antigravitational force, which in fact proves the theory of time acceleration.

The Planetary underworld acceleration in the middle of day 7 closely follows the path of telecommunications engineering, beginning with the advent of television.  From the beginning of the industrial era, communication has been the foreseeable goal.  From familial, to local, to national, and then to global, the world we live in thrives and grows like the living thing that it is, through the advent of the Internet.

Unlike the unstable footsteps of the televised world, the world linked through Internet communications is running at breakneck speed.  In other words, the acceleration of time multiplied by twenty.  Calleman’s time acceleration theory provides a viable explanation of the unexplainable, current science and the Mayan calendar are currently running on the same timeline. 

Because Western science functions on a less spiritual level than eastern sciences, the duality of today’s world is a hotbed for western aggression.  When east and west come together in global union, the real balance of the world will be upon us.

During the galactic alignment of the earth in 1998, the geophysical balance of the earth mysteriously shifted as the gravity field became stronger at the equator than at the poles, creating a bulge around the center of the earth.  During the same time period earth experienced a cosmic jolt of supercharged energy from a star other than the sun, which Clow believes, initiated the next stage of evolutionary consciousness.  Through what may well have been the cause of mass extinctions in the distant past, this time has caused an extinction of dissimilar states of evolutionary consciousness.

The Pleiadians have channeled information through Clow about the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy indicating that it is essentially a spinning nine dimensional time machine, which manifests itself with a gravitational nucleus.  They indicated that the black hole would activate in 1999 and we would need to be prepared for the intensity of the Galactic Underworld because we would be releasing the deeply traumatizing emotions associated with the original cataclysm.  With the activation of the black hole it will be possible to use your consciousness to move into it and access the essence of our current stage of evolution.  In other words through the constant interaction of the nine dimensional underworlds, we will be able to be one with creator.

Additionally, the earth was on a direct vertical axis prior to the cataclysm 11,500 years ago when it was knocked out of balance.  It is possible that the equatorial bulge discovered in 1998 is part of the earth’s ongoing effort to right itself.  Clow speculates that the Mayan calendar might end when it does because the earth then moves back into its original galactic non-tilting pattern of movement. 

If the earth was on a vertical axis of rotation prior to the cataclysm, then there was no precession of equinoxes.  So the very reason we are approaching alignment is because the winter solstice sun has been trying to realign with the galactic core.  Thus humanity began a new relationship with the galaxy after the cataclysm which created the need for the Mayan Calendar in the first place.


Chapter 5 – The World Tree

In the holy book of the Mayans, the Popul Vuh, there exists the World Tree, and it is through the meditation and knowledge of this tree that shamans have been able to access other worlds.  The sacred cultures of the ancients believed the World Tree represented the manifestation of the physical world from the spiritual world.  Ancient cultures perceived the tree as the circulation system of human consciousness.

Shamans who eventually learned how to achieve altered states of consciousness used the world tree as an entrance to the lower, middle and upper worlds.  The Mayan Elders believe that the World Tree was thrust upward at the beginning of creation and the roots provide a pathway to the first and second dimensions, the trunk to the third and fourth dimensions and the branches to the upper five dimensions.  For many Native Americans, as well as the Mayans, being centered within the domain of the spiritual tree allows knowledge to flow from the four directions.  Energy from the east offers spiritual guidance, energy from the south offers nurturing, energy from the west offers transformation and from the north cosmic knowledge.

Calleman took the concept of the world tree one step further and theorized where the geological center of the world tree was located.  By his estimation, using a latitudinal separation of the eastern world centers and the western world centers, he calculated the midline at latitude 12 degrees east.  Using his theory of brain lateralization, he proposed that the human brain and the geographical structures of the earth work in similar ways.  Thus dividing the east-west line becomes a representation for the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  He determined that like the hippocampus of the brain there must be a planetary regulatory center and he mapped it as a Eurocentric line. 

Influences of the world tree during the National Underworld become evident to the student of history fairly quickly.  Between 749 BC and 1637 AD, we see the building of Rome, and the resultant expansion of the empire, along with Viking raids developing along the central line.  Additionally we see movement from the east toward the central line first with the Persians, the Huns, and then the Mongols.  Calleman notes that the violence of these periods did serve the purpose of developing migratory paths for the human species. 

The central line and the upheaval that is constant around it provides additional insight based on the knowledge that the collective unconscious of man is wired into the cycles of unrest and peace of the World Tree, all of which are delineated by the Mayan Calendar.

We vibrate with the pulse of the earth and the light of existence.  The nine dimensions of consciousness describe the dimensions of our daily lives.  Calleman believes that we vibrate at a fourth dimension level whether we realize it or not.  Thus when we focus our concentration on other dimensions we are hard wired directly to the earth’s core, resonating with the heartbeat of the world.

The path to enlightenment then is being online with the earth’s inner computer and it is possible to use meditation and ecstatic trance as active processes for achieving such goals.  Active meditation involves creating a four directional meditation space and visualizing yourself as the world tree, while using chant, trance, dance, yoga, postural methods, or even reading as a sacred rite to the enlightened stage.


Chapter 6 – The Galactic Underworld and Time Acceleration

The 6th Underworld (National), the 7th Underworld (Planetary), and the 8th Underworld (Galactic) have consecutively sped up by a factor of twenty times with the onset of each underworld time frame and all of the multiples of tuns times twenty sped up into the thirteen tuns of the Galactic Underworld.  Billions of years of evolution now crunched into the Galactic Underworld time frame of 12.8 years.

The drama that we now see playing out in the world revolves around control of the planet and its resources, and America plays a pivotal role in the mechanics of this wartime world, we now know as the Galactic Underworld.  The current administration of the United States, led by George Bush and his “Bushites”,  is intent on owning whatever it wants with little thought as to what the rest of the US or the world wants.  The term “Bushites” refers specifically to the neoconservative, fundamentalist Judeo-Christian structure of government that is now in control of this country.


Galactic Underworld – Day 1

January 5, 1999 – December 30, 1999

Day One of the Galactic Underworld ushered in the full blossom of the computer age and worldwide Internet access.  People’s lives began changing in a way that older folks have had a very difficult time with.  With the advent of the cell phone and cell phone Internet, and wireless Internet people found that they were on the job full time except when they slept.    Personal communication has given way to telecommunication.  It is certainly possible to do all of your work on the computer or the phone without ever meeting face to face with a single person.  We appear to be becoming a country of hermits and work-a-holics.  Stress loads began manifesting as illness in the human body.  War, unrest, disease, and loss of personal freedoms have marked the beginning of the Galactic Underworld (times twenty).

But we must remember the hope we have found in the younger generations during the opening year of the underworld, young men and women are seeing the materialism of their society for exactly what it is.  It brings no lasting love, peace, or health.  Consequently Spiritualism is growing by leaps and bounds, catching up to the neocons in their children and showing them the way to a better world.  It will be through the union of perennial and fundamentalist spirituality that we will emerge from the Galactic Underworld as a united whole in body, mind and spirit. 

However in order to reach that place of peace, we will have to forge on through the second half of the Galactic Underworld.

Galactic Underworld – Night 1

December 31, 1999 – December 24, 2000

During Night 1 of the Galactic Underworld, we began integrating what we had learned during Day 1.  The most amazing series of events of Night 1 was the presidential campaign and election.  The malfunction of voting machines appeared to put the Bush family back into the White House.  We all feared that the son would emulate the father and take us all back to war if he was elected.  He was and so he did.

Galactic Underworld – Day 2

December 25, 2000 – December 19, 2001

Day 2, germination of the seeds, opened with volleys from all directions against

the misrepresentation of the presidential election.  This furor went on until September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center in NYC was destroyed by terrorists with possible links to some government agencies.  The Pentagon was bombed at the same time and the White House was a very visible target.  The world stopped on that day and worldwide, people’s lives were changed forever.  Americans lived with a newly rekindled and electrifying fear of all things Middle Eastern and Iraq became the target for the next war for supremacy and just to top it off, we must add the invasion of Afghanistan and the signing of the Patriot Act.  It is no wonder that Americans lived in fear as the world watched in horror at the Bushites and their fundamentalist assertions of saving another country from itself.

Galactic Underworld – Night 2

December 20, 2001 – December 14, 2002

Night 2 of the Galactic Underworld saw the crash of the stock market and a deeply distressed economic situation in the United States.  The Government elite and the media created a mass consciousness of unending fear.  Terrorist alerts became the norm of the day and coupled with the exposure of the disastrous accounting of corporate fraud, millions of people lost their incomes, their retirement funds, their homes, and their health.

Galactic Underworld – Day 3

December 15, 2002 – December 9, 2003

On the Spring Equinox of day 3 of the Galactic Underworld - sprouting the seeds – the United States declared war and invaded Iraq on the premise that Saddam Hussein was holding weapons of mass destruction to be used against the United States.

With the country at war, many people began turning to their churches for help with their stresses and fears only to find that their churches were adding fuel to the flames of war and aggression.  This heralded the beginning of an upsurge in spiritual values, as opposed to religious dogma.

Civil liberties were being cast aside and the people had no choice but to do as they were told or to pay the bureaucratic piper.  In addition to the injustices heaped on the citizens by the Patriot Act, which became a McCarthy-esque nightmare, Mother Earth began to make her displeasure known through devastating climate changes worldwide.

Galactic Underworld – Night 3

December 10, 2003 – December 3, 2004

Night 3 of the Galactic Underworld left the American public with a deep-seated feeling of unease.  Something was really wrong.  The war began to feel more and more like the Vietnam conflict, Saddam Hussein was found in a hole and brought out to face his peers, and Iraqi prisoners of war were being humiliated beyond anything we could understand.

Hurricanes began to pummel the coasts of the United States and wreaked unimaginable devastation to home and health, and the mid Atlantic drift had begun to slow in its path, thus decreasing the warmer waters to the European North Atlantic coastlines. 

During this time of deep unease, a resurgence of interest in ancient knowledge began to take hold of the people, offering optimism in an upsurge of spiritual consciousness and renewed hope.

Galactic Underworld – Day 4

December 4, 2004 – November 28, 2005

As the war in the Middle East continued marching on, the American public was forced by climatological disasters into a profound spiritual awakening.  The day after Christmas in 2004, a huge earthquake off the coasts of Thailand, Indonesia, and India, launched a Tsunami toward those countries that annihilated vast areas of terrain.  With more than 200,000 dead, the world rose to new heights and offered an outpouring of love and compassion never before recorded on this planet.  The United States rushed to the aid of the devastated countries and was treated with an unprecedented outpouring of respect and love.

Meanwhile, the wars in Iraq continued, but with noticeably less support both from home or abroad.  With terrorist bombings occurring all over the world, we were beginning to realize that backing the United States war machine was detrimental to our own health and well being.

Then in the summer of 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped through the gulf coast of the United States destroying everything in its path, leaving hundreds of thousands of people stranded, homeless, or dead.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency failed utterly in its efforts to come to the aid of people in its own country and we as a nation faced the realization that we could no longer count on the government to come to our aid.  A month later Hurricane Rita smashed into what was left of the coastal US and cemented the feelings of hopeless rage against a government that had become an enemy instead of an ally.

Thanks to the fortitude of some intrepid entrepreneurs, the land of Hollywood began to offer movies of a different genre, spiritual cinema, which began to dramatically uplift the spirits of a country desperately in need of solace.  Again, spiritualism raises our hopes and helps us manage our fears.

Galactic Underworld – Night 4

November 29, 2005 – November 23, 2006

Everywhere during Night 4 of the Galactic Underworld, we are finding soul-searching spiritualism on the rise.  These are grass roots movements that are starting small, touching people in a way that opens their hearts with the compassion and love that they have been so desperately in need of.

Support for the Bushites has been dramatically decreasing since the spring of 2006.  The feminine side of the male/female duality is steadily increasing bringing with it values that have long been absent.

The planet is continuing to change in a violent manner with heat waves, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.  Overpopulation has become a major concern and we are beginning to wonder if Mother Earth is trying to shake us off of her back with the climatological changes.

Chaos and disillusionment still reign at the midpoint of night 4, but the seeds of hope have been planted, and are growing and gaining in strength.


Chapter 7 – Enlightenment and Prophecy Through 2011

In the remaining time of the Galactic Underworld, the planet will continue to see the breakdown of hierarchical societies, specifically, military, industrial, medical, and religious, based on dominance through fear.  More spiritual and enlightenment based leaders will emerge and promote the expanding world consciousness.  This, of course, means that the current state of affairs will continue to deteriorate as negative energy continues to transmute.

Reality as it has existed for the past five thousand years, will cease to exist as we move away from materialism based lives and evolve into the spiritual reality that brings us closer to God consciousness.  This process will increase in intensity as time continues to accelerate through the Galactic Underworld.  We will increasingly be able to see the world through our third eye, operating on an interdimensional level, as opposed to the “if I can see it, I believe it” level of consciousness. 

In concert with the cycles of the Mayan calendar, there operates the Four Worlds which will aid in the transformation yet to come.  Other indigenous tribes in the Americas, such as the Aztecs, the Toltecs, and Native American traditions, have added additional insights regarding the Tzolkin and its resonance with the Nine Underworlds. 

The significant turning points of the Four World dates include the First World as the initiating phase, the second world is the foundation phase, the Third World is the creative phase with the Fourth World bringing to fruition the movements of the previous world preparations.  So the Four Worlds in relation to the Nine Underworlds reflect the collective consciousness of the human population during the primary evolutionary developmental stages.

The Third World of the Galactic Underworld represents the time period from June 2, 2005 through August 15, 2008.  We will continue to see authors like Dan Brown who challenge our conscious beliefs of what we thought of as factual history.  As we move through the Galactic Underworld ‘Dark Ages’ new paradigms will replace the old precepts of thought.   During the Third World, we will see the countries near the midline, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and Italy, as a cohesive unit that will lead the world, through example, to peace.

Because the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are male dominated, the world has been witness to thousands of years of death and destruction in the name of God.  The goal appears to be an adage along the lines of ‘He who dies with the most toys wins,’ only the toys in this game are countries.  All of this will fall away as we approach the Fourth World.  Countries will no longer accept US dominance of territories outside of its own borders.  Calleman believes that the Galactic Underworld is the Apocalypse, and we will confront the ‘beast’ in this time.  It is imperative that we communicate directly with God and lose the shackles of organized religion and its vagaries.  In order to stay centered in love, it will be necessary to pull out of the Fourth Dimension collective consciousness periodically and meditate into the Eighth Dimension god consciousness to maintain the grid of love that we will be surrounding the world with.

Day Five of the Galactic Underworld, November 24, 2006 through November 18, 2007 will see the culmination of the advancements of previous Galactic creations, including the demystification of the Vatican, as we strip away the façade that hides the truth and move into the new paradigm of Christology.  

We will witness growing war movements and pandemics the likes of which were seen during the First World War.  Huge changes will occur on the face of the planet due to climate change, which will worsen the grip of disease and illness.   The world will finally come to the realization that overpopulation is the largest and most avoidable form of the deterioration of the planets resources.  War will be seen as the biggest drain on the US economy and ‘we, the people,’ will realize we are the ones paying for whatever wars the politicians care to involve us in.  A mass rising of consciousness will occur in reference to medical ministrations and the fact that we are being tested and drugged to death, that we are one of the wealthiest nations in the world and one of the sickest nations in the world.

Night Five of the Galactic Underworld, November 19, 2007 through November 12, 2008 offers us the time necessary to integrate the changes that we experienced during Day 5.  We will not yet see the physical aspects of the things that occurred during Day 5, but we will definitely notice a shift in the spiritual aspect of our lives.

The physical shift will come, but before it can, there will be a minor counterattack of desperate attempts to sway the population back to the path we are reeling away from, that of a male dominated society fostering dependence on the government and their need for constant turmoil centered around world at war theories, and dependence on the medical systems of this country.  We will see a physical crash of our economic system, which will deflate the war machine, but will also wreak havoc on the population at large.  The best way to prepare for this is to get yourself out of debt completely, learn how to grow your own food and develop community consciousness.  We will be thrown back into a tribal like system where we rely on each other and use barter for trade.  Because of the economic situations, which will affect the entire world, it will be necessary for peace in the middle east, specifically the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and it will occur between August and November of 2008 and will be a peace effort involving an extra terrestrial peace contingency.

This leaves little doubt that 2008 will be physically and emotionally trying,but within the turmoil will rise a new way of life with the exaltation of love at the center of our consciousness.  In the US the health care system will falter as people turn to homeopathic treatments and finally say no to the panoply of drugs and testing that we are being force fed today.   

During Day Six of the Galactic Underworld, November 13, 2008 through November 7, 2009, the world will have come to accept the fact that fossil fuels are past peak and conservation will be the norm of the day.  The squandering of natural resources will be considered a gross injustice to humanity.  The countries on the midline will be the new world leaders and the Euro will be the currency of the planet. Natural medicine will be the norm of the day and we will look back in horror at the obscenities, which occurred in the world of medicine.

Calleman believes that the fear with which we face global change is a consequence of the consciousness of the old world and its traumatized value systems, but we will learn to throw off the yoke of fear based living and flow within the consciousness of the divine.  Many leaders will be aware of and will have made use of the Mayan Calendar and will be involved in joyous preparation for the coming Universal Underworld.  Exopolitics will ring in the age of enlightenment.

Exopolitics can be defined as the political system of the universe which functions by universal law in the midst of a multidimensional and intergalactic universe.  Clow believes that the Earth, for reasons related to destructive tendencies, has been an outcast in the universal system and was quarantined many millennia ago after the great cataclysm and the consequent tilting of the planet. 

In addition, Clow believes that the global elite are well aware of this quarantine and would like nothing better than keeping the world in the dark in order to force their own agendas.  The interplanetary isolation would have been accomplished through highly advanced monitoring and blocking technology based on frequency rates.  The author is one of a growing number of teachers who trains people in the Pleiadian Agenda Activations in an effort to ease past the interdimensional blocks and prepare for the coming world.

During Night Six, November 8, 2009 through November 2, 2010, the global elite will use laser hologram technologies to fake extraterrestrial landings in the deserts in order to scare people back into their old belief systems.  So be careful and remember its just a movie!  This act will backfire and help the integration of increasing frequencies.

When Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld, November 3, 2010 through October 28, 2011 dawns it will mark the beginning of the 260 day Universal Underworld.  We will see the newest struggle for humanity as the militarization of space, however Clow believes that the sun, in concert with the frequencies of the Earth, will erupt to stop that sequence of events.

It is possible to observe the Mayan Calendar when seen with universal appeal as an ancient exopolitical calendar marking time from before the cataclysm all the way back to the early Vedas.


Chapter 8 – Christ and the Cosmos

The author notes that the final chapter is a wildly radical variation of possible scenarios, from the incarnation of Christ, angelic intervention, and cosmological entities manipulating time acceleration and evolution.  She adopted Calleman’s theories as her own in 2005 when she realized the full implications of his models of evolution.  In 1995 she channeled the book The Pleiadian Agenda and has spent the last decade and more studying the science that has essentially proven the nine dimensions of time.  Each dimension has a guardian, and a spatial location within the universe; such as the Pleiades, Sirius and Orion star systems.  Each guardian maintains the consciousness of each dimension kind of like book marking a place in a book and keeping it there so you always know where to start when you are in that part of the book.

The existence of the black hole at the center of our galaxy was verified in 2003 and the author believes that this is where the Ninth dimension (9D) is located.  And much like the Nine Underworlds, all of the dimensions exist in time, not only in their own location, but within the black hole as well.  The Pleiadians have said that 9D is Tzolkin, which consequently led to the link between the Nine Dimensions and the Nine Underworlds of the Mayan Calendar.  Further delving led to the astounding discovery that Christ, as Quetzalcoatl to the Mayan population, is the nexus of point of the link between the spiritual and the physical, thus indicating his manifestation as the motivational force behind human evolution.  He was God (spiritual) made Man (physical); the perfect joining of the two basic ingredients needed to raise the consciousness on our planet.

As mentioned earlier in the book the Vela Supernova was the catalyst behind the great cataclysm of 9500 BC.  Inspired by the research of LaViolette, Clow believes another of his hypothesis’s, pulsar theory, sheds light on extra terrestrial involvement in the universal union.  Pulsars, as a form of extra-terrestrial information (ETI) signaling systems, continue to alert us as to the imminent possibility of another galactic superwave, and because they are aware of galactic superwaves, they have to be galactocentric beings, themselves.  LaViolette also states that the pulsars are arranged in such a way that there would be one possibility in 10 to the 28th power that that is due to chance.

First discovered in 1967, we know that pulsars are stars that send, or pulse out, radio frequencies and light waves at various times and frequencies.  Until now we have not had the technology to even imagine that this might be possible, but with the advent of particle beam accelerators and masers we can see how this technology could have occurred.  This will be made public during the galactic Underworld and will be known as the most significant cosmological discovery of all time.

LaViolette further states that there does exist a highly advanced galactic civilization and they are trying to communicate with us about our quarantined state.

Clow has spent countless hours exploring the books of information stored in her mind, and charting past life memories, which have led to her discovery of the inner stellar chronometer, a natural reader of the Akashic records.  All of her books have included vast downloads of channeled information.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2011 through 2012 and many people believe that we will see the end time.  However the ending of time does not mean that the world will end, but our quarantine from the rest of the universe will end.  In reflection, the author has been led to consider parallels with the Watcher angels in the Bible and the writing of the Bible, which occurred when man lived in this fearful deteriorated state of consciousness in the post cataclysm era.  Of special consideration in the writing of the Bible, ergo the invention of religion, lies the story of the Watchers and their God, Yahweh mentioned in the Book of Daniel.

The stories of the Watcher angels, also associated with the Enochians, who are the keepers of 9D, described these beings as having great bird wings.  References can be found in an ancient sacred Jewish text, the Book of Enoch, about mating of the Watcher angels with human females.  Andrew Collins, the author of Ashes of Angels, traces evidence for the bird/human angels back to Shanidar Cave in Turkey.   Estimates indicate that the sixteen occupational levels date back one hundred thousand years to the beginning of the Regional Underworld.

The offspring of the Watcher/human relationships are Nephilim, referred to in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch, as having a great destructive force.  The stories go back to right after the cataclysm and we have unprocessed ancestral memories of them.  Archaeology as far back as 6832 BC records the discovery of a slaughter of infants at the site of ancient Jericho and the belief was that the Nephilim/human children were eradicated in an effort to stop the spread of abnormal human behavior after the Cataclysm.

In 2000, the author read Uriel’s Machine, which helped immensely with the concept of the Watcher angels.  Uriel, an Archangel, is a major figure not only in the Book of Enoch, but also in Masonic rituals still practiced today.  The Newgrange Temple in Ireland matches the description of the temple described in the Book of Enoch.  You may recall that many megalithic site were constructed during the First Day of the National Underworld.  This sacred place was used in a process, referenced by Julius Caesar, known as controlled rebirth, or the transmuting of reincarnated masters into the souls of newborns to protect the perennial wisdom of the sages.  Thus allowing for Christ to be the reincarnated Enochian, or keeper of time.

Using the Pythagorean teaching of Gematria, defined as the ancient code that letters are also numbers, author Strachan analyzed the three names of Jesus – Jesus, Christ, and Jesus Christ – and found the numbers correspond to the Fibonacci scale, the mathematical basis of creation in nature, and that Christ was in perfect alignment with his source, his 6D resonance according to the nine dimensional representation, and the antithesis of what each one of us can achieve as Keepers of Earth.  Jesus, the Pantocreator, represents the apex of human evolution.

Genesis Unveiled, written by Ian Lawton of Great Britain, seeks to uncover the spiritual consciousness of preflood Earth through ancient myths and literature.  Additionally the Book of Enoch contains preflood information on the human race.  Clow wonders what the preflood race knew that we have not yet realized.  Is it possible that advanced angelic souls incarnated into the souls of humans, causing the evolution of mankind to skip several steps on the evolutionary ladder, or that managed soul-infusion triggered Underworld time acceleration?

The Popol Vuh describes creations of early beings before the first human was actually created, something like scientists recreating lab experiments that aren’t quite right.  In addition the Popol Vuh states that monkeys resemble humans because they ere the prototypes of previous creations. The Epic of Gilgamesh alludes to this scenario, as well, with the creation of humans with clay.  In Hopi creation stories there are numerous beings described as combinations of humans and animals. 

The golden age arose as a result of a hierarchy of angels having the ability to incarnate in human form coming to teach their protégées about the physical and the ethereal universe.  These beings, the Enochians, are the keepers of time in the Nine Underworlds.

In conclusion, pre flood existence was a time when humans were spiritually advanced and in constant contact with their creators.  When the great cataclysm occurred, they lost their memories of their spiritual evolution and were forced to focus on survival.  The Enochians incarnated periodically after the great flood to help humankind raise its level of consciousness.  When the long count began human evolution began to speed up and eventually we began to see spiritual masters such as Jesus, Buddha, and Pythagoras, as well as many others, who helped us find our way out of the darkness.  When Jesus Christ incarnated he proliferated a lineage that has infused his bloodline into humankind.

We are now coming to the end of the Galactic Underworld, when there will be a last ditch effort to keep the level of consciousness from reaching its highest potential.  War and pestilence will not, however, keep humankind down.  Religion as ruler will cease to exist, wars will decline and consciousness will continue to expand.  During the Universal Underworld in 2011 humankind will finally be at one with the planet Earth, the destruction of her resources will cease, and we will celebrate our union together.


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