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March 09,   2016

Razor the Bear and The Magic Place

By Loren Spangler

Here is a short story that was created through "inspirational writing," an intuitive form of writing

Writing with Intuition

By Susan Barnes

There are no rules when writing with intuition. Thus, some may be provided without contradicting the first statement.

The Amazing Azra

By Azra Simonetti

When a person turns within, there are no limits to the sparks of creativity.

Rudolf Steiner’s Black Board Drawings

An exhibit at UC Berkeley

An Intuitive Twist in Children’s Fiction

VerDella Denwiddie

An essay on the children’s book, ’Kelly Karate Encounters the Moon Princess’

Book digest by Susan Barnes

Confessions of a Dream Quest Veteran

By Noreen Wessling

How one person using the Dream Quest model developed her creativity.

Visualization in Creative Work

By Newton Meyers

Intuitive Watercolors

By Henry Reed

The Intuitive Edge

By Philip Goldberg

A book digest by Zahid Hossain

For many years, this book has been THE reference book for what has been known, supposed and rumored about intuition.


By David Tame

A Book Talk By Gayle Woityra

The wisest of sages and philosophers have known that music is among the most potent of all means through which the human consciousness is altered--for better or worse.

Channeling Your Higher Self

By Henry Reed

Book Summary By Rachel Creager

Edgar Cayce popularized the word, “channel,” to mean bringing forth, and had a unique “mega-vision” of the many ways in which we can bring forth blessings from Spirit.

Dreams Inspire Art

By Elaine Langerman

Dreams, like imagination, intuition and improvisation are a channel to the sacred dimension.

Research on Dream Incubation

By Henry Reed

More studies show how creative innovations appear in dreams.

Hypnosis for Actor’s Studio

Entering the state of Hypnosis aids actors in their character roles.

Occupy the Space in Between

By Henry Reed

Out on my meditative walk the idea came to me to try to write an essay based on what two books, on very different subjects, had in common. Perhaps a new insight would emerge that would merit sharing it with you.

Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

By David Myers

Book Summary By Clayton Montez

What you know, but don’t know you know, affects you more than you know. That’s the bottom line of hundreds of experiments on the powers of intuition.

Soul Expression and Visionary Art

By Henry Reed

With Intuitive Landscape drawings by Greg Deming Creating is an essential part of the soul’s activity and thus belongs to everyone as their natural birthright.

The Beethoven Factor: The New Positive Psychology of Hardiness, Happiness, Healing and Hope

By Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.

Book Summary By Clayton Montez

We have the ability to frame our experiences of life’s unavoidable challenges with an attitude to convert stress into personal discovery and transformation.

Have a Creative Relationship with Spirit Guides

By PaTrisha RobinSong

My angels and spirit guides were many and nameless. Then someone suggested to me, "why don’t you name your angels and spirit guides by what they do and give them a face to make them more personal." What a novel idea! It became fun.

Cosmic Consciousness

A book review By Gayl Woitrya

All at once... he found himself wrapped around, as it were, by a flame-colored cloud.... The next (instant) he knew that the light was within himself. Directly after, there came upon him a sense of exaltation, of immense joyousness, accompanied or immediately followed by an intellectual illumination quite impossible to describe.

The Courage to Create

By Rollo May

Book Summary By Susie Pedigo

Society is in the midst of change.Change causes many to experience a sense of alienation and purposelessness. We have two choices: either to withdraw and panic, or to develop the courage to create a better society.

Postive Energy

By Judith Orloff

Book Summary By Lorrie Kazan

Become mindful. From mindfulness comes a new kind of freedom, both in knowing one’s self fully and in being completely present in one’s life.

Cracking the Intuition Code

By Gail Ferguson

Book Summary By Susie Pedigo

In asking a question you need to identify the information you need and reflect your intention. Always start with the question "What do I know about ___?" The question introduces a situation that establishes the connection that intuition needs.

Celebrating Soul: Preparing for the New Religion

By Lawrence Jaffe

Book Summary By Susie Pedigo

Consciousness knows with both the head and the heart. The Jungian myth includes the idea that changing the God-image is dependent on transforming human consciousness. The connection between ego and Self represents the connection between man and God.

Connections: The Five Threads of Intuitive Wisdom

By Gabrielle Roth

Book Summary By Lorrie Kazan

"All of life is a dance; particles move, and movement brings us into that divine, intuitive flow, into the spontaneous, instinctive wisdom that illuminates the present moment."

Intuitive Art: Sounding the Chakras

By Lynda Radice

Check out these evocative portraits.

A Besdide Guide to Dreams

By Stase Michaels

Book Summary By VirDella Denwiddie

A brief look briefly at the 27 types of dreams that Michaels documents in the book. For each category, Michaels provides descriptions of dream types in that category, followed by "live" examples of dreams and analyses. Afterwards, she summarizes each type by recapturing the identifying features, to make it easier for the dreamer to sort, label and understand his or her dream content.

Journalution: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life, and Manifest Your Dreams

By Sandy Grason

Book Excerpt

Your journal can be an extremely helpful tool for helping you embrace the unpredictable path of your life. Let’s take a look at some of the kinds of life transitions for which journaling can be useful.

The Art of Dream Realization

By Henry Reed

A Chapter from his new book: Dream Medicine

Drawing a dream is a great way to discover your own intuitive understanding of a dream.

The Daily Mandala

By Henry Reed

Every day, as part of my "giveaway," I share a mandala, my individual expression of the universal oneness that unites us. It is my prayer that these visualizations will inspire you to become as you really are, a unique expression of creation.

Heart Awareness Provides Special Revelations

By Henry Reed

Edgar Cayce consistently spoke of the highest form of consciousness, as well as its destined goal, as the knowledge that we are simultaneous both individuals and one with God. In one statement he gave a clue about how to achieve this realization: "...the purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself and yet one with God..."

Mandalas and the Incubation of Inspirational Dreams

By Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Dreams are a wonderful source of guidance for life issues, especially when we are ready to take action. If you’ve ever wondered about using your dreams for intuitive guidance you will be interested in the Dream Quest process.

Spring Forth

By Erin O’Naughton

The wheel is turning. The winds of change blow thru my hair...

A Blue Ridge Mountain Creativity Revival

May 1 – May 5, 2006

During the first five days of May, 2006, eight people will join Henry Reed and his wife at a Civil War era Plantation house on a 3,000 acre working farm in the Blue Ridge mountains for a Creativity Revival, with the theme of "Caring for the Creative Spirit." Perhaps you will be one of those eight people.

Healing Through Painting

By Patricia Sulllivan

During my AU studies I took the course on the use of visual arts for healing. I loved it. It got my creative juices going. And it helped me get rid of some fears I had regarding expressing myself.

Daisy and The Dragon

An Atlantic University Master’s Degree project

By Patricia Parks

Once upon a time there was a little pixie named Daisy who lived in a cottage with her family. In the summer Daisy and her brother and sister played with the flowers, birds and dogs. They liked to explore the woods, lake and the roads which led to distant places.

In PDF format youcan get free here!

The Nine Powers of Dreaming

By Robert Moss

An excerpt from:

The Three "Only" Things

Have you ever said, "it's only a dream"? While we often dismiss dreams, or fail to make room for them in the hurry of our daily lives, dreams can be a fabulous source of guidance, healing and juice for any day. Dreams offer us nine tremendous gifts.

Leaving Old Ways at Ease: A Story of a Dream Quest

By Drude Clark

The Dream Quest guidebook says, "whatever question or problem you choose to work on it will reflect something about you and how you are responding to your life situation... Dreams do their best, it is assumed here, when you are doing your best, in your conscious life, to work on your problem yourself." I will have to handle my own baggage.

Shoe Dreams on My Dream Quest Path: A Report on a Dream Quest

By L.S. King

One might think the focus of my dream quest was all about my dilemma of which kind of hiking boot I should buy for a recent backpacking trip. Should I go with a cloth-based shoe that dries fast or a Gore-Tex lined boot that keeps the feet dry? But this was never really a dilemma. I knew I wanted the latter, even if the shoe salesman did not want to sell me a pair. The focus of my dream quest was a little deeper than the qualms of my shoe issues.

Creativity & Depression

An excerpt from the book, The Van Gogh Blues: A Creative Person's Path Through Depression

By Eric Maisel

Creative people are people who stand in relation to life in a particular way and see themselves as active meaning-makers rather than as passive folks with no stake in the world and no inner potential to realize.

Play, by Stuart Brown. Book Summary by Susan Parcheta

The impulse to play is a biological drive like sleep, food or sex. If play is denied over a long period of time, we tend to become depressed and unable to feel pleasure. A play deficit is like a sleep deficit. And, there is the same need to catch up or experience "rebound" play as there is for sleep.

The Secret behind the Success of Tatas, by M.B. Sharan & Deepa Chatterjee

When the world thinks of Indian corporate sector, the name that springs to mind is of the Tata Group. Across sectors, from manufacturing to services and beyond, the Tatas have spread their wings profitably while setting the highest ethical standards. The Group's handling of the changes unleashed by liberalization has been a critical factor in it taking the big strides it has. A close look at the genesis of the Company is required to get a clear picture of the corporate tradition and the way of working of the Tatas which would enable us to comprehend the secret of their success.

Healing and the Creative Response: Four Key Steps Shared by Healers and Artists. By Rev. Cay Randall-May: Reviewed by Henry Reed

What many folks do not recognize is that the same vital intelligence that provides for healing ability, also provides for creative and psychic ability. Among indigenous peoples, the shaman often plays all these roles, healer, artist and teacher.

by David Tame

A Book Talk by Gayle Woityra
The wisest of sages and philosophers have known that music is among the most potent of all means through which the human consciousness is altered--for better or worse.


Glad No Matter What
By Sark; Review and Art Response by Elayne Clayton

This remarkable book is the author's journal, and as a working-journal in which the reader may add personal explorative thoughts and feelings on a few pages. The book invites us to laugh and roll with feeling, page by page. SARK courageously describes episodes of loss in life, particularly a phase of life where she grieved the death of her parents and a loved and revered pet, just as a love-life relationship ended.


Soul Expression and Visionary Art by Henry Reed
With Intuitive Landscape drawings by Greg Deming

Creating is an essential part of the soulís activity and thus belongs to everyone as their natural birthright.


Exploring Beyond the Ego Mind
An essay on Transpersonal Knowing
By Jan Kruyff

Thinking is a great human pastime. We all think. Whether it is about our next meal, how to manage our present problem, or where to vacation, we always seem to be thinking. Maybe we even pass all of our time thinking. But how often do we think about thinking, a thing that comes so naturally to us...


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