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Initial comment by Henry Reed

I certainly am grateful to Clayton Montez for the time he took to put the essence of my book into his own words. Let me comment in two ways: one, what I like about my work with the Intuitive Heart, and two, some questions I have about it that I'd like to see explored.

My work is inspired by the high idealism of Edgar Cayce. In particular, he advocated that one not focus on intuition development, or psychic development, itself, but rather on spiritual development that would bring naturally the desired intuitive or psychic abilities. What I feel I have accomplished in the Intuitive Heart training is to have stumbled on an intuition exercise that builds spirituality! That spirituality is the compassion of the empathic heart, the intuition is the inner knowledge that resides "in the heart" when you reach out in compassion to someone else. As far as I know, it is the only intuition training method that is equivalent to spiritual practice.

What I particularly like about the Intuitive Heart is how it came about. The method is not an arbitrary technique, but grew out of research, first with the Dream Helper Ceremony, then with research with psychics. It also provides a vision of intuition. The Intuitive Heart method portrays intuition as based upon the wisdom acquired from memories as they are used as metaphors to understand new experience. This statement about intuition reflects a blending of traditional psychology, which views intuition as a form of pattern recognition, and transpersonal psychology, which allows for a synchronistic experience to occur between two people when there is some bond of caring between them.

I have many questions about the Intuitive Heart method. For one, how do we relate the concept of telepathy and remote viewing, on the one hand, to intuition and to synchronicity (divination)? For example, when I make a heart connection with you and your concern, and a persona memory comes to mind, am I perhaps performing a "memory divination"? That is, can we say that a memory randomly appears as in the random choice of a Tarot card? Or is it more correct to say that I somehow intuited your concern and then brought to mind an applicable memory? Whether through telepthay, remote viewing or intution, did your concern "cause" the choice of the memory that came to mind? For some people, this kind of question is so abstract to be irrelevant, but I can't help thinking about it.

Another question I have is about the validity and the limits of the wisdom-memory understanding of intuition. What about images that are not memories? Most people, in fact, find that images come to them more readily than memories when doing intuition exercises. But the comes the question of interpreting them. How do they interpret them? They draw upon some memory of past association with those images. It seems to me that to "understand" something, to find its "meaning," it requires something akin to using metaphors: that is, we understand something new by referring to something we already understand, by our understanding of something old and familiar. When a remote viewer suddenly "recognizes" the significance of an image that moments before had been perceived but not understood, that viewer is drawing upon past experience to make sense of the image. The understanding achieved is based upon the viewer's existing repertoire of building blocks of understanding, categories of meaning. So that is my rationale. What limitations are in this kind of theory? Can you think of counter-examples? I would like to hear from you.

Let's hear your ideas on the Intuitive Heart, wisdom-memory approach to intuition.

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