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Commentaries on Dream Quest Experience

Editorial Comment by Henry Reed

How do you get intuitive guidance from dreams? 

What Joan's experience demonstrates is an application of Edgar Cayce's perspective on pursuing intuitive guidance, whether from dreams or other sources. It is to start with what you have in hand, take a step forward as best you can, and expect to receive further guidance down the line.

In the case of dreams, Joan begins with an idea about what she'd like to work on, and what she could do to begin. Then she took her dreams and looked at them for ideas. She took one of her ideas and began to apply it to her situation, expecting further dreams.

This approach is different from the more typical vision of getting intuitive guidance from dreams. Typically a person expects to ask a question and get a dream that gives the answer. Sometimes this works. Many times, however, a person is not really ready to apply that information. Sometimes we don't need information, we already know what to do, but we are not ready to do it. What we need is to change, to grow into the truth of the information. Moving forward leads to that growth. As someone said, "You can't cross the ocean by looking at the water."

Joan was following directions given to her in the workbook, Dream Solutions, Dream Realizations, which was created to guide such a process. A mentored dream quest experience, mentored by me, is available at the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies.

Let us hear from you about your experiences seeking guidance from dreams. Let's hear about your methods.

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