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Intuition & Synchronicity: A Journey to Fulfillment

by Hazel M. Denning

Digest by VerDella Denwiddie

Digest by VerDella Denwiddie

"Becoming the Master of Your Fate with Intuition"

”People who are masters of their fate are aware of their destiny, using each experience to further their spiritual development.  The incredible payoffs for people who use their intuition are the seemingly miraculous synchronicities that occur regularly.”  This is the heart of Hazel M. Denning’s message in Intuition and Synchronicity, a Journey to Fulfillment.

Everyone has intuition.  It is a matter of awareness and use that separates those who flounder among the waves from those who chart their course and always seem to have smooth sailing, no matter how rough the winds.  Health, career, relationship problems, family strife and personal chaos are issues most of us have addressed over and over again.  Many people even dub themselves prone to accidents or other problems because of the frequency with which they sometimes occur.  Is it possible that we subconsciously “invite” such events with our thoughts?  If so, can we re-order our thoughts to reduce or eliminate these, as well as to produce just those things we consciously wish to see in our lives?  What are the three, four or five steps we can take to effect such wanted changes?

There aren’t specific steps in the program laid out by Dr. Denning, although she uses words like “magic bullets” to convey the seemingly miraculous turn about that is sure to happen once we harness our intuition and get our journey underway.  Synchronicity, one such bullet, is the experiencing of usually favorable events that seem miraculous because they exceed the possibility of chance.  You want or need to see a certain individual but have no way of contacting that person.  You then go someplace that may be in no way connected to the person you wish to see and there they stand just ahead of you in line.  Rather than dismiss this as a lucky break to be shared later with friends and family, you may learn how to cultivate a state of consciousness that brings such events closer to the norm.  But before you can develop a love affair with synchronicity, you must unlock your intuition.  “Intuition prompts you to act and think in certain ways that create the results which contribute to well-being, allowing synchronicity to manifest.”

So, where is the key to unlocking intuition?  Well, you may call it one key but it has many facets.  One important facet is a formula called DBE (desire, believe and expect).  Using the scientific assumption that everything is energy, you must channel the energy of your desires and beliefs into positive affirmations (also energy) that you will manifest (the physical result is but another form of this same energy) those things you desire and need.  But, surely there must be limits or we would all have our hearts’ desires all the time.  Please remember that DBE is but one facet.  Others include understanding the functional aspects of reincarnation and karma (even if you don’t accept it as your personal belief).  You will also want to erase blind spots from your vision and cultivate patience, enthusiasm, imagination, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance.  You will then move into the realms of dependability, creativity, love and universal flow.

Reincarnation and karma offer an ordered and purposeful meaning to life, postulating that nothing is accidental; everything has a cause and effect.  However the spiritual concept of grace indicates that a higher truth may also be at work to enable us to overcome and transcend the karmic wheel.  Grace makes us aware of our divine attributes, freeing self-focused energies so that we are able to sense a connection to others.  It is through this sense of connectivity that synchronicity flows.  In contrast, should we retain grudges, judge another unfairly or manifest karmic debt in other ways, we create blind spots that block the flow of our intuition.  The wisdom keepers of all major religions admonish us to regard others with the highest level of dignity, treating them as we wish to be treated.  If we believe that life’s events are but a network of intricate lessons, we must accept our family, friends and enemies alike as being where they need to be on their separate journeys.  This may require patience, forgiveness (particularly forgiveness of self) and acceptance.  All of these blur the lines of the apparent separate self and enable us to tune in and become more intuitive.

Dependability is used in the common sense of keeping our word and commitment to another being, as well as a conscious commitment to find and fulfill our destinies.  The first usage goes back to treating others as we wish to be treated.  The second implies a belief in a higher intelligence and a commitment to an unseen plan for the greater good for humankind.  When we think of great scientists like George Washington Carver and Thomas A. Edison, we can see the road that dependability may take us on, unswerving when the road becomes rough.

These two and many other great thinkers, composers, inventors had other intuitive qualities in common as well: gratitude, enthusiasm, imagination, creativity and unselfish love.  What is interesting about these particular qualities is their inherent ability to generate energy.  While applying any of the facets will result in the release and availability of energy that can increase intuitive awareness, these actually generate energy.  Think about what happens at the conscious level when you are enthused, when you create, or even when you imagine.   What happens in the mind, the nerve center and other body systems?  What happens in the emotional realm?  While the content of feelings and activities may vary, the sense of increased energy is a common factor.  This may give you some idea of how energy is created in all levels of the consciousness.

This energy at the highest level of consciousness is common to all beings and accessible to all.  This energy provides the intuitive nuggets that connect us to every other being.  This energy also feeds the mind its creative juices and comprises the building blocks that result in the destinies we create for ourselves.  Thus, by becoming and applying the key principles explored above, we may literally create our futures or re-create ourselves.

The key to unlocking our intuition is indeed an intricate and unusual key, you might observe.  Only a diamond has more facets.  Perhaps that is the underlying message of this book.  Put the facets together; become clear, sharp and reflective of your inner light.  Your intuition will shine like a polished diamond.  Synchronicity will reflect from its many facets and your life will flow as abundantly as the wealth that an exquisite diamond could generate.

VerDella Denwiddie is a graduate of Atlantic University and a member of the Board of Trustees of A.R.E.

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