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Becoming a Professional Psychic
Some Things To Consider While Planning For Your New Career
Karyn Greenstreet

Making The Big Decision

Being a professional intuitive can be a very rewarding career.  There are many positive and exciting benefits, including helping people by offering them insight into their lives, working from home, and setting your own hours.

But becoming a professional psychic involves a lot of commitment and training.  While it’s helpful if you have a genuine gift for intuitive insight, many training programs can help anyone to increase their natural skills regardless of your present level of psychic ability.  Consider for a moment the career of nursing or medical doctor.  Nurses or doctors may be born with natural talents towards compassion, curiosity, intelligence, and attention to detail.  However, they’re not born with the medical skills to do their work.  Through careful training and practice, they combine their natural talents with new skills to become professionals in their field.  So, too, with a professional psychic: your natural intuition and compassion talents, plus developing your ability for specific intuitive skills and clear interpretation will take you on the path to becoming a successful Psychic.

Making The Big Decision

How do you know when you're ready to use intuition as part of your professional work? How do you know if you have the right skills, the right personality? How do you know if this is what your Soul wants you to do?

I'm a firm believer in "try something" even if we're not sure that  it's the right thing. Let me tell you a story:

On Christmas Eve 1999, I was home from work wrapping presents and watching Oprah and Gary Zukav. Gary was encouraging people to do what their Soul wants them to do. Oprah, in her practical way, asked, "And how do you KNOW what your Soul wants you to do?"

Gary's answer changed my life.  He said, "Try Something."

For over 10 years, I had been working on my "dream career" of being an author, coach, and lecturer, on a part time basis in the evenings and weekend … while still holding down a full time corporate job in a career I had outgrown, but paid well. I felt stuck, not sure how to move into my dream career full time and still have enough income to live on. Gary's comment, Try Something, was a kick in the seat of the pants. If my dream career was meant to be, then I had to make an emotional and intellectual commitment to move forward in my life despite the fear. And I had to DO something, not just think about it.

The day after Christmas 1999, I took my first step, and contacted a woman I knew who was an author, asking about how to get my book published. Doors began to open, nearly every day! Two years later, I’ve got the career of my dreams.

If you think you want to become a professional Psychic, but aren’t sure, Try Something!  Take a class.  Talk to a professional Psychic and ask them about their career.  Get a business license.  Do some free readings and ask for feedback.

What Skills Do I Have To Learn?

There are several skills you’ll have to learn in order to become an effective and successful professional Psychic.  I’ve divided them into three categories: intuitive skills, interpersonal skills, and business skills.

Intuitive Skills

There are four main skills that intuitives use to receive information: clairvoyance (seeing images, symbols, colors), clairaudience (hearing words, music, sounds), clairsentience (instance flashes of insight and knowing), and empathy (sensing or feeling another person’s emotions and/or physical pain).  Increasing your ability to use more than one of these skills will allow you a wider range of tools to choose from when doing a reading for a client.  Above all else, knowing how to correctly interpret the information you receive, and how to communicate that information to the client in a clear and compassionate style, is a primary focus in learning to be a great Psychic.

In addition to the four main skills, you may want to learn specific applications of those skills, such as:

    • Psychometry
    • Soul Reading
    • Telepathy
    • Healing/Medical Intuition
    • Mediumship
    • Channeling
    • Dowsing
    • Past Life Regression

Interpersonal Skills

Building rapport with your clients will be one of the most important interpersonal skills you’ll learn.  Putting a client at ease is a very important skill to build and use.  When a client comes to you for a reading or healing, they are often nervous and unsure about what will happen.  By building rapport with your client and putting him at ease, you create a good flow of energy between the two of you which allows for greater access to information and healing.

There are several ways to build rapport and trust with your clients, most of which come directly from your own heart and soul:

    • Non-judgmental Regard – not judging your client or her situation or choices, but offering unconditional love, guidance and assistance.
    • Empathy – putting yourself in the client’s shoes, trying to understand her situation and how it might feel to be in her circumstances.
    • Empowerment – taking a role as an assistor of the client’s soul path, not a fatalist who tells the client that nothing she can do will change her life.  Presenting the information in such a way as to be life-affirming.
    • Honesty – offer the information you receive honestly, without editing or judging.
    • Confidentiality – respecting the client’s right to privacy with any information given or received, including having a private place where the reading or healing is conducted, away from prying eyes and ears.
    • Comfort – offering the client a comfortable seat, a drink of water or a cup of tea, soothing music.
Business Skills

Many businesses fail within the first two years. The reason? Almost always, it's poor financial and business planning. Learning to run the business side of your new career will help to ensure success.  Here are some skills you’ll have to master (or find someone who is already a master at them and pay her to do the work for you):

    • Planning your budget, your business structure, your hours of operation
    • Setting prices for your services
    • Setting up your financial accounting
    • Reporting income and paying taxes
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Organizing your business files/office space/home office
    • Registering your business with local, state and federal governments
    • Balancing your business life with your personal life

The Small Business Administration web site ( has some great articles that can help you.  In addition to the SBA, you can get free business advice from SCORE – the Service Corps of Retired Executives.  Check your local yellow pages for a SCORE office near you.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn and master before you can begin to market your service to clients.  The more prepared you are, and the better your training and commitment, the more successful you’ll be in your new career.

Note: The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies has a comprehensive training program for those working to become a professional psychic. To find out more about this program


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