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The Spirit World


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Physical Surroundings

The geography and topography of the spirit world is as solid and as varied as it is on earth (Grumbine, 1917). It is the earth made perfect. Beautiful landscapes abound, and there are vibrations of harmony in the air and water. The landscapes and all aspects vary in each sphere, becoming more beautiful as one progresses higher. Soft plots with grass and trees substitute for gold streets. Industry, death, decay, and fences have no place in the spirit world (Petersilia, 1892).

Light is everywhere, even though it is very dim and gloomy in the lowest sphere. The etheric or spiritual sun, not the material sun on earth, provides the light according to some writers. Others say the light is radiated from atoms and is soft, radiant and brilliant. There are degrees of light and artificial darkness; there is no time or seasons as on earth. Petersilia (1892) views this as one eternal day. Randall (1922) states that light is obtained from the action of minds on the atmosphere; think light, and there is light. The degree of light reflects the state of the spirits in a particular sphere, and is normal for those there. If one is in Summerland, or the third sphere, the light in the higher spheres is too bright. Hare (1855) proposes that the sphere of a spirit can be known by the brilliance and character of light that surrounds him.

Although time and space are not as they are on earth, there is still distance between localities. The distances are not great because you can communicate with any place by thought, but you must still travel to get there. The mode of locomotion is determined by the pleasure of the spirit. (Peebles, 1902) A spirit can travel with the velocity of thought in the same sphere. Or one can walk or float, or even sail in a boat. Herbine (1919) mentions being able to rise above the atmosphere and proceed swiftly. You can fly where you desire to go by will, through attraction, and you can be drawn not only by your desire, but by that of those who may wish your presence. There is no impediment in matter; the only barrier is one's own lack of knowledge or volition. Although Crowell (1879) states that a spirit can travel in any and all directions, other Spiritualists disagree. Petersilia (1892) says if you are in the third sphere, you can visit any sphere above or below. Tuttle (1900) explains that the degree of purity and spirituality determines if you can progress to other solar systems or planets.

The early Spiritualists describe a variety of buildings and methods of building. Owen (vol. 1, 1920) talks about a temple built step by step by the collective thought of a group. He describes large halls with towers, with varied architecture and design, with gardens and woods around them, and says there are cities with a central palace and communicating stations around it. There are all types of buildings: laboratories, lecture halls, libraries, those for music and the making of musical instruments, and magnificent temples for worship. Some are constructed of material resembling precious stones. Owen (vol. 1, 1920) mentions the use of different crystals to study the effects of colors.


The physical surroundings in the spirit world are, simply put, more beautiful than can be imagined. All aspects of nature are perfect. The early Spiritualist writers agree that light is everywhere, ranging from dim and gloomy in the lowest sphere, to light that is brilliant. Near death experiencers today agree, most indicating that although the light is very bright, is does not hurt the eyes. Even though there is no time or space, it is necessary to travel to different places. Most agree that you can go where you desire simply by thinking about it, but there are other ways, such as walking, floating, or flying. Buildings can also be constructed by thought, as well as by actual labor with real materials. There is agreement in the general description of the spirit world; differences are in the details. Individuals perceive things differently in this world; it is possible this is also true in the spirit world.


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